TSM Episode 497: The Stability of Dragon Quest

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Download Link: Released 2018.09.03

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB announce the book for the yearly giveaway, celebrate comments-of-the-month and donators-of-the-week, and hold forth on Valve games, in-game purchases, and the difficulty of creating guidelines that actually work in the real world.


  1. Lusipurr talked about the dangers of kids buying micro transactions and, being a parent myself, I wanted to share my experience.

    I hand my old phones down to my kids when I get a new one. The first time I did this was around my son’s sixth birthday (inactive SIM card so he can only play apps on it). Purchases have always been password protected to prevent accidental spending, but I told my son the password. Not once in those six years since has he bought anything without asking first. The same happened with my daughter who, at age six, got her first phone.

    My brother brings his kids up to visit our mother. His five year old was playing with her tablet and spent £5 in a coin pushing game she had installed on it. I educated my kids, he didn’t.

  2. I listened to Children of Hurin on Audiobook. It was read by Christopher Lee, the late actor who play Saruman in the Lord of the Rings films, and it is a fantastic reading. If only he lived longer to produce more readings of Tolkien’s work.

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