TSM Episode 499: An Avalanche of Ports

The Switch is quickly becoming a dumping ground for ports--but major dedicated releases still deliver, even if they arrive infrequently.
Any port in a storm?

Download Link: Released 2018.09.17

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB hasten through an overwhelming number of release announcements, including a raft of Square Enix re-releases for the Nintendo Switch. Will Nintendonlies finally rejoice at being able to play Final Fantasy VII for the first time?


  1. It feels like we’re getting as many remake/remasters/ports of older games to current hardware as we do new games these days. I feel like I’d want a hardware remake to play the original versions of the games I own on modern hardware.

    Yes, there are consoles around that do this, but they are focused on the 16-bit generation and older. I’d like to re-visit the Saturn and Dreamcast, or have a device that will play all four generations of PlayStation games (including handheld).

  2. @Imitanis You and your fascination with underwhelming SEGA branded hardware!

    I’d much rather have the Switch ACTUALLY deliver on its promises to play Gamecube games, but that was always a lie, just as it was a lie on the Wii U. We’re not even going to get N64 games, and SNES games are looking sketchy too. What a crock of shit.

  3. Lusi, did you know there is 3 live action and 2 animated movies based on the Discworld novels?

  4. If you liked this podcast, JUST WAIT. #500 is right around the corner! Or perhaps the site will simply skip 500 and move directly to 501? Or was this the final podcast, forever disappointing fans eager for more? WILL WE BE STUCK RE-DOWNLOADING #499 UNTIL THE END OF TIME??? Also, where is Adeki. I have more questions, some without question marks.

  5. Congrats on reaching half a millennium. I’d ask how the fountain of perpetual disappointmen is coming along, but its alternative name was half-life 3.

  6. Putting my hand up as someone who finished The Last Remnant on the 360. It took me a month of playing every day for hours on end and I actually quite enjoyed the game but wish I had waited for the PC version which fixed a few gameplay issues.

  7. @Neoxman: That is a simply incredible achievement, but I don’t know whether to congratulate you or offer my sympathies.

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