TSM Episode 501: The Musical Pilot

The pictured piano is nicer than Lusi's piano.
The piano is a wonderful instrument.

Download Link: Released 2018.10.01

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB try out a new, musical-themed approach to podcasting, following the ex-staff-member blowout of the previous episode. Dragon Quest XI is praised once again, and the panel unveils the autumn playthrough game–sorry, SaGa fans!


  1. That was stellar, please feel free to do a Musikplatz anytime. My SaGa 3 cartridge dropped my save, so I dropped it for now.

  2. It was bloody awful! But that was because we decided to do it only just before we actually did it. And I spent most of the time ducking and weaving around a black disc the size of a dinner plate.

    If we do it again, I’ll take the time to make selections in advance, and to get the setup sorted out into something workable. “Workable” would be a start, honestly.

  3. Lusi, I tried lightning returns, after 2 battles, I hated the fact I had to switch back and forth just to keep a chain combo going for more than 2 attacks. It’s a useless battle system.

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