TSM Episode 501: The Musical Pilot

The pictured piano is nicer than Lusi's piano.

The piano is a wonderful instrument.

Download Link: Released 2018.10.01

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB try out a new, musical-themed approach to podcasting, following the ex-staff-member blowout of the previous episode. Dragon Quest XI is praised once again, and the panel unveils the autumn playthrough game–sorry, SaGa fans!

6 comments on “TSM Episode 501: The Musical Pilot”

  1. That was stellar, please feel free to do a Musikplatz anytime. My SaGa 3 cartridge dropped my save, so I dropped it for now.

  2. It was bloody awful! But that was because we decided to do it only just before we actually did it. And I spent most of the time ducking and weaving around a black disc the size of a dinner plate.

    If we do it again, I’ll take the time to make selections in advance, and to get the setup sorted out into something workable. “Workable” would be a start, honestly.

  3. Lusi, I tried lightning returns, after 2 battles, I hated the fact I had to switch back and forth just to keep a chain combo going for more than 2 attacks. It’s a useless battle system.

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