TSM Episode 502: —-ing Nintendo —-ers

No holds barred: Reggie Fils-Aime, you are a slimy fucker.
This guy is a slimy fucker.

Download Link: Released 2018.10.08

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB discuss the latest and most shocking Nintendo revelation: the decision to gate all game patches and DLC content (including for third-party and single-player games) behind the miserable pay-to-use Nintendo Switch Online service.


  1. I wonder if the Nintendo situation is intentional or just incompetence, that they didn’t even think about how patches et cetera would world when they put up the new system. Even so: unless they issue an apology and get working on it, it becomes intentional.

    I quite liked Stevens’ Blackbird, the natural and cosmic. “It was afternoon all evening” – reminds me of Oh Susanna, “It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry, the sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna don’t you cry.” Although that’s probably meant to be nonsense, while Stevens is making a poetic image.

  2. They have had YEARS to devise this system, to get it right, to think about its impact. Either they did nothing in that time (which I think to the be case) and are consequently woefully, manifestly incompetent; or, they spent years coming up with this, in which case they are deluded to the point of categorical insanity. Whichever the case, the upshot for consumers is the same: Nintendo says, “Fuck you,” and we say it right back to them.

  3. Eh, just another reason to buy games on other systems if they are available elsewhere.

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