TSM Episode 507: SiliconNewS sans SiliconNooB

As if I don't know he's out boozing it up!
Pictured: SiliconNooB ‘suffering’ through an ‘illness’.

Download Link: Released 2018.11.12

When SiliconNooB claims illness so that he can embark on a cross-continent booze-up forbidden by Lusipurr, Imitanis steps into the breach, only to discover that fortune has already tailored the news for The Day Tonight’s Australian correspondant.


  1. SNooB really screwed the pooch this week! All this news made just for him, and he’s hiding under a blanket with his favourite beer keg, wracked in the throes of some terrible ailment.

  2. @SNooB: I hope that Dr. Brandi and Dr. Cherry and the rest of the Dancing Doctors help you get well SOON!

  3. @Imitanis: Lack of beer and moustaches leaves you a poor replacement. Next time we’ll booze you up and draw a moustache on.

  4. Oh boy my first podcast shout out! I feel famous. Shame about Fallout 76. Don’t think I’ll be picking it up since the aggregate of the reviews I’ve seen are very meh. I really hope they are not thinking of taking the next Elder Scrolls in the same direction.

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