TSM Episode 508: Pre-Holiday Jitters

Obviously, this is a metaphor: garbage doesn't stink as badly as the shovelware games.
Pictured: recent digital video game releases.

Download Link: Released 2018.11.19

Lusipurr is joined by Imitanis and SiliconNooB, resulting in an international panel of video game experts, to discuss Sony’s decision to avoid E3 in 2019, the future announcement and release of the PlayStation 5, and the value of Nintendo Switch Online.


  1. Lots and lots of shovelware over the past few weeks–but with Thanksgiving coming up, that will soon change!

  2. I think a perfect example of what a FF7 remake should be like is Black Mesa which is nearing completion.

  3. @RabidKitten: Sadly, Squeenix seems determined to destroy FF7, which I suppose is one way to make sure it isn’t hanging over them forever.

  4. I’ve got a discussion question to throw at you guys! I know this will be somewhat genre dependent, so feel free to pick one and/or speak more generally. How much dialogue is too much dialogue? Is there an upper limit?

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