News: Hackers Target Furry Gamers

High Tail Hall User Data Breach

In an event that is being likened to the Ashley Madison leak of the furry community, over 411,000 users have had their information leaked after their degenerate online porn game was hacked this year – although the real news here might be that there are at least 400,000 active furries in the world. The game in question was High Tail Hall, and is available through, the place where all of the very best vidya go to market. Apparently the information leaked included email addresses, IP and physical addresses, names, passwords, and orders – all of which has allegedly been posted on a popular hacking forum. Expect a searchable furry database in the coming weeks.

Anyone who plays a game with such awful art deserves it tbh.
Oh man… It’s just real hard to feel a great deal of sympathy over this.

On the one hand being exposed as a furry does not create the same kind of emotionally volatile situation as being exposed as an adulterer (a la Ashley Madison), but on the other hand it might make for a bit of an awkward situation to find out that your dentist is a furry. To many of these people this might not matter any more than being hacked on a more conventional site or game.

The High Tail Hall hack comes on the heels of a string of hacks which targeted adult sites, and which began with the Ashley Madison hack, so this hack may be related. Alternately, the furry community has been mired in the Zoosadism scandal, which has been all over Youtube since the beginning of September, and involves several popular figures within the furry community doing some absolutely unspeakable things to animals and children – so this hack may be intended as a payback of sorts. Whatever the case, in this author’s estimation shitty newgrounds games make for a much better hacking target than PSN, so long may they toil in that particular endeavour.

Dissidia NT Goes Free to Play

It was obvious following the release of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT that the game was not the big hit that Square Enix was hoping for, but this week the full extent of its failure became apparent. Dissidia NT is all set to go free to play a mere ten months after its release – or at least this is certainly the case in Japanese and Asian regions. This sort of thing does not happen to successful games. Recently Square Enix announced an extraordinary 33 million dollar loss which people solely attributed to their cancellation of Final Fantasy XV DLC, but one has to wonder whether any of that loss was due to Dissidia NT.

Square Enix only has themselves to blame.
Dissidia NT failed so dramatically that it has gone FTP inside a year.

The original Dissidia sold a massive 2.24 million copies. The sequel Duodecim then sold 0.89 million copies. Finally, the threequel Dissidia NT has sold a tiny 0.44 million copies. Granted, as the years have gone by digital sales have become more of a thing, and digital sales are not reflected in the sales numbers, however PS4 games are a lot more expensive to produce than PSP titles, so for Dissidia to spin its wheels like this is catastrophic and franchise ending. The original Dissidia was far from perfect with its bullshit floaty combat, but it was generally received with good natured acceptance that this was a decent first crack at making a Final Fantasy fighting game. Square Enix on the other hand treated the game as mission accomplished, and seemingly saw little need to improve the formula, other than to improve the graphics. This failure to grow has apparently killed the Dissidia series stone cold dead. The free to play version seems like a Square Enix attempt to shake loose any spare change they can before sunsetting the entire Dissidia experiment.

The free to play version of Dissidia NT is available to play both online and offline. There will be a roster of four free to play characters that will be rotated on a weekly basis. Players can then purchase specific characters as DLC, who will then remain permanently available. Story mode is not available in the free to play version, though character save data can be carried over to the full version of the game. Currently the free to play version is only available in Japan and Asia, but one assumes that a Western version is forthcoming.

Man Arrested for Modding SNES Mini

Nintendo might be dicks internationally, but they really do not fuck around in their domestic market. A Japanese man has this week been arrested for modding and then selling three SNES Minis, and his name ironically happens to be Miyamoto. 39 year old Tomoyuki Miyamoto modified the consoles by adding a whopping five additional ROMs to each console, including a Super Mario game, presumably Mario World or All-Stars. Miyamoto sold the consoles over April and May of this year, making his arrest a longterm sting.

Nintendo has no viable alternative on the market!
A man has been arrested for adding five ROMs to the SNES Mini.

It is unclear whether Shimane Prefecture Police targeted this poor sap on their own recognizance, or whether Nintendo directed them toward Miyamoto, but it certainly seems like this is keeping with Nintendo’s modus operandi. Just last week TDT reported on Nintendo winning twelve million dollars in damages against Rom Archive site LoveROMs, so Nintendo have a clear history of going after small time individuals and crushing them with overwhelming force.

The reason for this is that Nintendo’s own support of their classical content is so dire that they are finding it difficult to compete with marginal emulation efforts. Rather than making the effort to become competent, Nintendo have decided that it is just easier to use the legal system to destroy individual people in order to make examples of them. Ruining people’s lives will not make Nintendo Online not shitty.


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