TSM Episode 510: Four Guys

This week, a lot of people are going to visit Final Destination.
Will this be our road trip’s final destination?

Download Link: Released 2018.12.03

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis plan a televised, cross-America road trip (including Ethos) to visit famous arcades, pie shops, and natural wonders. But disagreement erupts over the choice of vehicle, the selected destinations, and everything else.


  1. SN’s right about gaming bars, there’s 2 around me. One’s more of a bar that also has games, the other more an arcade that also sells beer.

  2. Don’t all bars hve a few arcade machines? That doesn’t make them ‘gaming bars’!

  3. In the first case, its business is being a bar and the games are all emulation, but they have arcade cabinet-style setups all along one wall (about a dozen) and also a screen at every other bar seat running a Swedish console setup, besides another section with PS4s, etc for fighting games and such. In the second case, it’s literally an arcade with a ton of cabinets and pinball machines, they just also sell beer. Something to think about for your future trip!

  4. Well there’s a good discussion for next week! I’d argue that some people (not me particularly, I agree with you) like to go out to a bar with their friends and/or work mates at the end of a long day and kick back a few cold ones – and if there’s tons of games at the bar, and you’re with a bunch of nerds, it could be more fun than if the theme of the bar is Amwrican Professional Sports. Billy Mitchell’s sports bar & grill is down here too – but they just have a Pac-Man/Galaga machine and a crane game.

  5. @Tanzenmatt: Galaga is awesome! But crane ‘games’ are all rigged, so they don’t count.

  6. You could set your Patreon account to charge people whenever you upload something. Then it wouldn’t be monthly, but it would still be you deciding when to collect money from people rather than people donating when they feel like it.

    Atelier Rorona was great!

  7. @Zoltan: I don’t like the idea of being able to push a button and charge people. It seems sleazy and worryingly open to abuse. I wouldn’t want people to feel obligated to trust us like that.

    I’m really looking for an alternative to traditional donations. Paypal seems like the only legit game in town, so we may just have to stick with them. :(

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