TSM Episode 513: God Rest Ye Merry, SiliconNooB

It's Santa's cousin, Crikey Claus!
G’day, Christmas!

Download Link: Released 2018.12.24

As Christmas approaches once again for Australia (and the rest of the world as well), Lusipurr and SiliconNooB present the news and a variety of Christmas- and winter-themed variety programming, including poetic verses both whimsical and poignant.


  1. Happy Christmas!

    I’ll be finishing Undertale (possibly on stream) this week. Stay tuned for some impromptu streams!

  2. I wonder if China-based interests are using Mr. Boy as a pawn to test the limits of Nintendo’s litigiousness.

    Have a Licentious Saturnalia!

  3. Since you need a discussion, if Konami ever decided to release a Castlevania collection consisting of the NES,snes, gb, and Genesis versions, would you rather have it in original graphics only, or a graphical upgrade via like rondo of blood psp?

  4. @PubPibbs: Thanks for the discussion question! The short answer is that I’d rather have the originals, but we’ll discuss why (and the responses of the other panelists) next week!

  5. Merry Christmas dudes. Sorry I hardly ever comment. I am almost never listening to your show while at a computer. Lusipurr, I sent you $8 directly on PayPal since Japan is not allowed to use your donate button.

    About the Kingdom Hearts III opening song: Having Utada Hikaru do her song in English for the first Kingdom Hearts game was kind of a big deal to me. It was called Hikari in Japanese, which means light, and it was dramatic J-pop that fit the mood and theme of the game very well. It came out right when I was just getting into J-pop and Utada Hikaru was my favorite artist at the time. I thought that there was no way they could ever get a better opening song for Kingdom Hearts II, but with her song Passion, (Sanctuary in the English version) I thought she managed to surpass all of her previous works. Passion sounds a lot darker and has a far more unique melody than most J-pop. While the “let me face my fears” line that Utada wrote for KH3 is not really my jam, it just sounds like any other skrillex song was injected and it’s totally dumb. Utada Hikaru should have worked solo for this one.

    Here is a question I have for the podcast. You guys often talk about how great FF4 is. Did you guys play the original SNES version? Because Mel and I both played it a while ago expecting to be blown away, but he found it mediocre and I found it kind of bad. The music and the story were great. The graphics are forgivable because of the era. The gameplay is bad, though. The forced party make-up sucks, the secret passages are completely visible, the menus are slow, the items have been dumbed down, the translation was horrendous, and the way weak and strong characters get shuffled in an out of your party with lots of abilities already learned destroys the grind. I went on GameFAQs and surely enough it is this original version of the game that everyone raved about in their reviews. Why do you hold this game in such high esteem? I prefer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 to 4.

    Thanks for the great show.

    The Legendary Zoltan

  6. @Zoltan: Thanks!

    Of course I have played the original SNES version of FF4! After its release, it was my favourite RPG until FF6.

    You and Mel are judging it very harshly, even considering the easy-type faults of the original SNES NA release. It represented a seismic shift in the RPG landscape (e.g. characters whose abilities are connected to their role in the storyline–a first for a Final Fantasy game), and sledging it for not allowing party member changes is especially cruel considering that is a development that wouldn’t be seen until Final Fantasy VI!

    Subsequent to the original dumbed-down release, the game was re-released multiple times here in the US, by and large remedying your critique. The original difficulty was restored (fixing items, and hiding hidden passages), and innovations were added allowing the party composition to be changed (Cid, Palom, Porom, and Edward all can rejoint the party, although, frankly, I find that option largely unneeded and detrimental to the overall gameplay itself, to say nothing of the comprises to the story which were needed).

    Also, Final Fantasy X is garbage.

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