TSM Episode 516: The Activision Split

Perhaps the long reign of Activision is drawing to a close!

Has the master’s power been exhausted?

Download Link: Released 2019.01.14

As Activision loses long-term senior employees and high-profile corporate partners, Lusipurr, Imitanis, and SiliconNooB speculate about the diminishing position of one of the largest and most significant players in the video game development industry.

5 comments on “TSM Episode 516: The Activision Split”

  1. This bodes poorly for a boutique niche product like Diablo 4! D:

    No wonder they are porting the game to mobile phone!

  2. Given that Activision is being sued, expect funding to be pulled so that there’s virtually no chance of Diablo 4 not having lootboxes to maximise profits!

  3. @Imitanis: Sorry, Imitanis! Maybe once Blizzard gets purchased by a mobile developer, you can look forward to Clash of Horadrim, or Prime Evil Runner, or Diablo Crush.

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