TSM Episode 517: Incompto

Finally, a Final Fantasy game with the technical polish of a Bethesda game!
The height of competence!

Download Link: Released 2019.01.21

Imitanis, SiliconNooB, and Lusipurr discuss the latest news from the ongoing Activision, Blizzard, and Bungie kerfuffle, including a possible class-action lawsuit. Then, the panel fuses Final Fantasy XV characters together into new and terrible forms!


  1. I think a patronage system built more on commenting and friend-telling can be a good. Have you considering how doing Nate will figure into the new scheme?

  2. @Tanzenmatt: because people still can (and should!) donate, we continue the tradition of having the threatening alternative of Do Nate.

    And now, because of your comment, you’re in our end of the year Reader Rewards drawing for a free game on Amazon or Steam! Congrats!

    Comment away, folks! Get your entry in before the next podcast goes live. :)

  3. Count me among those that are surprised about NISA being chosen by Falcom to localize Trails of Cold Steel 3 in the US. Ys 8 is a fantastic game that got a pretty rough localization – it’s pretty bad when even the item descriptions have to be rewritten. It’s also worth mentioning how much more text that Trails of Cold Steel has than the Ys series. Throw in the long history of technical problems such as with Ar Tonelico 2, and the collective groan that was heard is understandable.

    I quite liked this week’s reading as well, looking forward to more of it!

    I have a possible discussion question: Do you like to purchase collector’s editions for your favorite games? If so, what tend to be your favorite additions to these? Soundtracks? Plush? Extra content? At what point does the price become prohibitive (or outrageous, such as with Dark Souls!)? My personal favorite was the Take Your Heart edition of Persona 5. It set me back $100 iirc, and the extra $40 netted me a soundtrack, school bag, Morgana plush, art book, and a steel case. They probably could have gotten away with charging more!

  4. @DefChaos: THAT is an excellent discussion question, so we’ll be making it the centre of our next podcast, which will focus on Collector’s Editions!

  5. @PubPibbs: Why do you say that? If you donated, then your name was included in the list. It’s taken directly from PayPal, so the names we read are from there, not site names.

  6. @Pub Pibbs: Last year’s comment giveaway was that the entrant had to be the Comment of the Month. That is, at the end of the month, we picked the best overall comment, and that author got the entry for the month. It also was not backdated: it only applied to months starting from when the commentor giveaway was created in the summer. RabidKitten had the Comment of Month for almost every month that the contest ran.

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