TSM Episode 520: The Worst of 2018

The worst is yet to come for Fallout 76.
There has been a lot of fallout from Fallout.

Download Link: Released 2019.02.11

After paying tribute to some arcade memories and the best threequels ever made, Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis review the hardware, software, and developer results for the previous year, and render judgement on which of each was the worst.


  1. It didn’t take long to work out the worst in each category. I think we all helped each other with those.

  2. It was a year of fairly clear leaders. There wasn’t much to debate, when it came down to it. Consensus, ho!

  3. Lusi, the Atari flashback early versions could be considered the early console minis, but then again with only adding a cartridge slot mod to it, the unit can become an Atari cart player.

  4. @PubPibbs: I’m not sure to what your comment relates?

    When I said, “Atari Flashback Classics”, available for consoles, I was talking about the recent game releases. I was not talking about hardware. See the PS4 Volume 1 (of 3), the Switch Version (complete), etc. We talked about them back when they came out.

  5. I started with NES, but after hearing your talk I feel like I should dig into Atari a little bit.

  6. I haven’t purchased a game published by Activision nor EA for a very long time now. Their titles generally just are not ones that I am interested in, and when exceptions arise (such as with the upcoming Sekiro) I am pretty content to just wait for a used copy.

    The Atari is sounding increasingly appealing to me as well. It is where my first experiences with gaming occurred as well. My son is approaching 5 years old and plays a handful of games that he has seen me play. The beautiful overworld maps of Ni No Kuni 2 and Dragon Quest 11 caught his attention, so he has run around on those a little bit. He likes Rayman Legends quite a bit. that and Cars 3 are his favorites. I don’t own an Atari currently, but it is something that I would like him to experience!

  7. @TanzenMatt: The best Atari games are gameplay and almost nothing else–that is, they are absolutely stripped-down to the most barebones graphics, with only a bit of cleverness possible, for the most part. Spider Fighter is a great example. Another is Cosmic Ark, which takes advantage of a hardware glitch to produce sparkling background stars.

    There were systems before the 2600, but if one really wants to start one’s children on the road to appreciating games as a medium of games as gameplay rather than getting them hooked on games as just a vehicle for delivering graphics and flashy effects, start at the Atari 2600 and work forwards.

    @DefChaos: My son loves Cars 3 the movie, so I have been obliged to watch it many, many times. I think all children should have an Atari 2600 on emulator. It’s a good way to familiarise them with video games without giving them something so distracting and consuming that it risks hooking them the way lots of other ‘screen activities’ do. Because Atari games tend to be very simple in premise, they’re not the sort of thing that one could really spend hours on. A few minutes is enough to play a few rounds, get a high score for the day, and move on.

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