TSM Episode 521: Super Money Maker

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Long overdue for the Nintendo Switch.

Download Link: Released 2019.02.18

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB delve into the latest news from the Nintendo Direct, including surprising new game announcements and release windows, and they share heartening details about the forthcoming Nintendo Switch release of Dragon Quest XI S.


  1. Why would anyone buy the Switch version of DQXI instead if the ps4 you say? Because as much as I wanted to play it on ps4 early I realised I just don’t enjoy such games as much on ps4. 98 % of my PS4 use are divided between youtube and netflix. I think I’m becoming even more of a handheld gamer than I was. Which KHIII proves. Even after waiting 13 years it takes a lot for me to sit down with the ps4.

    Everything you say about Nintendo is true and yet I continue to be trash for everything they put out somehow. Even 30 years old nes games which I already have access to on multiple platforms xD

    Definitely very very happy they put in the old graphics in DQXI. I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. @Winter: We often forget (mea culpa) that there are people who prefer handheld gaming, but who aren’t mobile-phone or casual gamers. Thanks for keeping us honest!

  3. Having waited patiently for Monday morning to listen (cough cough) I have to say this week’s episode was great! Fast-paced, some great soundbites, and I didn’t have to go to trouble of reading the Nintendo Direct stuff. A win win win!

  4. @Winter: I prefer handheld gaming too, but I’d rather play a new game when it’s released unless I know that a later version will contain exclusive content. This often means that I pick up games for my consoles first, but sometimes I pick up ports later if I skipped over the initial release.

  5. I went through a handheld gaming phase a few years ago, but for some reason that passed. I don’t know why, but I suspect that I went back to console gaming because I rearranged my room to be more comfortable for console gaming in addition to the fact that game selection on portables is a lot poorer.

    Handheld gaming is great for when I’m watching streams though.

  6. My Switch is a virgin. Never been docked, not even for testing. I guess I just prefer to have youtube on ps4 while playing. It’s probably because I have gotten used to having a game, twitter and youtube at the same time. Probably not the healthiest xD

  7. On the subject of handheld gaming and mobile phone gaming, has anyone here played the Kato/Mitsuda title Another Eden? It’s sold as a love letter/spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger. I’ve played about 2 hours of it, and despite being a touch screen mobile game, what I’ve played so far seems to be pretty charming, and more in line with console story driven JRPG’s. The music, though not all composed by Mitsuda is really good. Perhaps it might be the exception that proves the rule as far as terrible mobile phone games? It’s coming to Switch, but I’m interested in the opinion of the staff if they’d played it, plan on trying it, or have heard about the game.

  8. All these comments mean that next week’s podcast is going to have a HANDHELD THEME!

    @Seb: We endeavour to save everyone having to listen to the unfiltered Nintendo Propaganda channel.

    @Winter: Never!? But the graphics are so much nicer when docked. Xenoblade 2 is *especially* so.

    @Fumunshu: I’ve not heard of it, but now I’ll check it out. It’s probably too much to hope for a demo, but maybe I can watch some extended gameplay videos.

  9. Bowser added, “It has been my great fortune to work with and be mentored by Reggie for four years at Nintendo of America.”

    In case you thought Reggie Fils-Aime was one of the good guys. He is literally Bowser’s mentor!

  10. I just completed Dragon Quest 11 this week. If the Switch version had turned to be essentially the same as the ps4 version, I probably would have passed. As it is though, I’ll be happy to pick it up again and experience it all over again in a new way! The other titles of note to me were the Link’s Awakening remake (!!), Fire Emblem, and Astral Chain.

    Speaking of Fire Emblem, the GBA entries are probably my favorite portable games. I have probably cleared the first GBA entry about 10 times. Looking forward to the handheld discussion!

  11. We talked a bit about Fire Emblem this week, but I’m not sure it made the podcast. Next week!

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