TSM Episode 523: Pokemon Indirectly

Pikachu says: Sieg chu!
Welcome to the latest Pokemon games: AXIS and ALLIES.

Download Link: Released 2019.03.04

When SiliconNooB is laid low by another bout of the Australian Flu (sobreity), Imitanis and Lusipurr are left to cover the news themselves, whilst also unveiling the spring 2019 site playthrough and an opportunity for 2018 donators to receive [bad] games.


  1. @Winter: Glad to hear it! It will probably coincide with, or immediately precede, our Summer Donation Drive. :)

  2. Haha, you described me to a T as far as RPG item management goes! I’ll use items that I can easily replace at shops, but elixirs and megalixirs in my inventory remain unused except for maybe the final boss battle. I’m well aware that this is functionally the same as not having them at all!

    I can practically guarantee you that your donators provide contributions not in anticipation of some kind of reward, but because you all consistently put out a great podcast and run a site that is a joy to read. The explanation is appreciated, but please don’t beat yourself up over it. :)

  3. Is one even a JRPG fan if one dares use a Megalixir before the final battle? I would say no!

  4. It’s a crime to use any item that cannot be purchased in a shop!

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