TSM Episode 526: I.R.P. for 29 September, 1995

Doomed at launch. No one will remember this thing.
The Sony ‘Play Station’

Download Link: Released 2019.03.25

Lusipurr is joined on a trans-Atlantic cable call by Imitanis to discuss the recent European and American release of the Sony Play Station. The panel discusses whether Sony can become a major hardware developer, or whether they will be forgotten.


  1. I like RPGs, and they’re all on Super Nintendo. Squaresoft makes all their games on Nintendo too, and I can’t wait for Final Fantasy IV on Ultra 64. So I don’t think I need to get a Sony.

    Your sister had Gangsta’s Paradise on repeat for two weeks?

  2. Did you hear there’s a site being made for rpgs. It’s called Rpgfan.com

  3. It actually has pictures that load in on the interweb. Granted it takes a LOT of bandwidth to see it. Also there’s a cat web page that seems to be fancy BUT I’m not sure it will last even though they are looking for people to help run it.

  4. No one on the internet wants to see binaries of cats. Another doomed idea!

  5. Dragon…Quest? What the hell is that??

    I for one am waiting with bated breath for a sequel to Earthbound. What an awesome game! With a great stable of rpgs like that, Nintendo’s continued dominance in the genre is all but assured!

  6. Earthbound has received such special treatment from Nintendo—special release, huge press coverage, etc., that we can expect a new Earthbound game every year!

  7. It’s been a while, but as a generous man I wanted to give a gift to the site.
    I had heard that this “Borderlands 3” item was something wanted by the staff.

    I went over to see this Randy Pitchford fellow to discuss this matter.
    It was not enjoyable.

    The idiot rambled on about being an “artist,” like Charlie Chaplin, Roman Polanski, Michael Jackson, and R. Kelly. Then he proceeded to tell me about a magic show that he was hosting in a private place, claiming that he was doing it “for the children” or “to the children” (I honestly don’t remember).

    What proceeded was me revealing “Cloudy,” a steel statue made in the image of Cloud Strife.
    I then began to negotiate on behalf of the site the announcement of Borderlands 3.

    He kept yelling about magic and minors and I kept on reiterating the merits of my argument repeatedly.
    Then he kept yelling “help me” or something of that sort and I repeatedly demonstrated my point with the statue.
    Slowly his body and spirit broke due to the strain of the discussion.
    He gave in.
    Hopefully, it will be revealed soon.

    People in the office were cheering.
    There was much rejoicing.
    “That man over there does God’s work,” they said.

    I never thought that I would credit Nomura for teaching me something useful, so I won’t.
    I owe my persuasive debating style to the Lusipurr University.

    Best wishes to the teaching staff of this fine university,

    That Man
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