TSM Episode 527: Historically Bad Takes

Even worse than the Play Station! Rubbish!
Garbage! Terrible!

Download Link: Released 2019.04.01

After last week’s reminder of the historically bad takes which have come from Akademician, the panel discusses other past ‘temporary errors of judgement’ about games which are now regarded as pinnacles of the medium, including F.F. VII and Chrono Trigger.


  1. Just so we’re clear, some of the other panellists had historically bad takes, too!

  2. Oh my god first catfancy announcement of a 6 week no rpgcast now the impossible secret boss lusipurr is defeated by a nobody named Caspius. What next? Silicon Noob announces he’s in AA? Nintendo releases an Earthbound trilogy collection on Switch? That my question on what if a Castlevania collection gets released on current consoles?

  3. But SiliconNooB *is* in AA! Australians Anonymous meets regularly and he is well on his way to completing the twelve steps necessary.

    Earthbound Trilogy is coming to New 2DS only! It’s EXCLUSIVE.

    I think Castlevania Collection is coming out for everything, but *especially* for pachinko machines.

  4. But how will Lusipurr’s poor wife and 2 kids deal with the castle rooms without his iron grip and orange safety chairs to control the chaos? There’s been a Pibbs raid and an unusual airship spotted leaving the castle screaming there is no exploration in Metroid!

  5. How does Alcoholics Anonymous differ at all from Australians Anonymous?

  6. How much do Alcoholics Anonymous get each meeting? I know that SN gets through a barrel!

  7. NONE? You’ll never get SN in the door with a policy like that.

  8. If they’re not serving refreshments then the service seems pretty poorly catered for alcoholics.

  9. It’s a program to help them to STOP drinking alcohol. Thus why I… You know what? Nevermind.

  10. If they aren’t going to serve refreshments then shouldn’t it be called teetotalers anonymous?

  11. Doubt you’ll get many alcoholics in the door if there’s no alcohol on offer!

  12. So, Caspius, are you going to host catfancy for the 6 weeks paws and Sabin are on “vacation”?

  13. I can’t actually do that. The avatar is generated based on your email address, so everyone has a uniquely generated one. BUT, You can set your own avatar by logging into Gravatar.com and associating any picture you want with the email address that you are using on this site when you post comments. :)

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