TSM Episode 530: Paid DLC Remaster

Why charge for a product twice when we can ALSO charge for DLC!?
Why charge for a product once when we can charge for it twice!?

Download Link: Released 2019.04.22

Whilst SiliconNooB is away for Easter, Akademician and Imitanis discuss bonus content in remasters, and whether charging for additional DLC is good or bad for consumers. Then, the panel discusses the first confirmed details of the Sony PlayStation 5.


  1. Try this. From Everyone at the day tonight, Go Lager. That’ll cause silicon Noob to say cheers.

  2. I dunno if SN drinks lager beer, but I doubt it. He is a man of taste, not a wretch!

  3. At least I didn’t suggest go Foster’s (Australian for Kangaroo piss)

  4. The donor bio section sounds pretty cool!

    As far as remasters and their content goes, first of all the games absolutely have to be competently made. The Silent Hill HD Collection on PS3/360 was an absolute disaster, and the PS4 “upgrade” of Secret of Mana was anything but!

    Persona 4 Golden was a great example of a remaster done right. The FES version of Persona 3 was as well – it added a ~30 hour story and sequence of dungeons that all took place after the credits from the main story, so it didn’t interfere with the base content in any way. You could just jump right into the new content if inclined to do so. This version also released at a very fair value!

    The DS version of Chrono Trigger also added a series of side quests, but I wasn’t much of a fan of it. It was pretty lengthy, enough to the point that it disrupted the flow of the story, and the battles within it were enough to level the party up to the point that I was extremely overleveled for the rest of the game. Adding extra content to something that is already such a perfectly tuned experience can be pretty disruptive.

  5. @DefChaos: No one has taken advantage of the supporter bio offer yet, but it still stands . . . !

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