TSM Episode 532: Film Avoidance

Considering that the best film he has ever seen is Street Fighter, it is easy to understand why he is suspicious of the medium.
SiliconNooB does not like films.

Download Link: Released 2019.05.06

The advent of a games-filled spring season means Akademician and SiliconNooB can report on the release dates for many new games. And, a shocking trailer for a hedgehog-based film leaves SiliconNooB averse to cinema as a medium. Can he be cured?


  1. Caspius, you forgot to pay tribute for the death of the actor who played Chewbacca. And great, Bloodstained comes out on my 46th birthday.

  2. That’s quite the birthday present. It should help you feel better about your steadily increasing decrepitude!

  3. Didn’t switch announce they were going to release virtual boy games for the switch VR? At Nintendo’s original pricing?

  4. Caspius, if you’re looking for another anime with a strong female student council president, I suggest….Persona 5! :D

    I don’t watch very many movies anymore either, mostly because my free hours are usually occupied by video games!

  5. @DefChaos: I don’t like Persona!

    @PubPibs: I have not heard that and cannot (in a few minutes of internet searching) find any sort of thing announcing that, so no, apparently not.

    @Tanzenmatt: Here comes Nintendo Switch Virtual Track-and-Field Pad!

  6. @Caspius: You mean a flat piece of painted cardboard? And you actually just strap the Joycons to your ankles to simulate button presses (duct tape not included).

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