TSM Episode 534: Reclinercast

...hopes soon to be smashed into atoms by the infantile greed of Square Enix.
On this appealing images, many hopes rest.

Download Link: Released 2019.05.20

When Akademician is crushed by a crippling headache, SiliconNooB takes the helm and steers the podcast into the well-charted waters of Nintendo news. But then, disaster strikes as the panel runs aground on the shoals of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.


  1. I saw that voucher program in the news program on the Switch – haven’t seen an article about it elsewhere yet!

  2. While I don’t have the funds to give as I have 2 children whose college I should pay for at some future date and a mortgage. I think it’s a great I idea to bring Siliconnoob to the US. However, you gotta spice up the road trip with some natural beauty which is something America has in spades. Glacier, Yellowstone, Moab and Zion should the eventual destinations of the road trip. That might entice him to come a bit more.

  3. I think you should take him to areas where alcohol is either outlawed outright or severely limited to see Silicon Noob’s reaction.

  4. @RabidKitten: But that would be ENJOYABLE for him, and thus far less entertaining for ME!

    @PubPibs: Well, I want to discommode him, not KILL him!

  5. I’d chip in to a fund like that. :)

    If Nintendo were to sue people for playing their original NES systems, and if EA were to sue people for playing Madden ’95, then Square Enix would surely follow suit by suing people that play the original Final Fantasy 7 once the remake is released. After all, the remake is the established canon and the original version no longer represents this vision. Licenses for digital versions of Final Fantasy 7 will be removed, trophy collections will be purged, and Nomura will refuse to release the remake until every last physical copy and memory card containing any amount of FF7 data are confiscated and thrown into a great bonfire. Gamers will huddle and speak of what once was in hushed tones, only to have Nomura’s goon squad kick down the door and drag dissenters off to a secret place where they are “re-educated” as to what Final Fantasy 7 actually is!

  6. DefChaos: It may take ten years but I hope we can save up enough money to (abduct and) bring him to America!

    I secretly hope that with disasters and catastrophes, the release of the remake is delayed and eventually cancelled. What a sigh of relief that would be!

  7. Entrants recorded: TanzenMatt, RabidKitten, PubPibs, DefChaos.

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