TSM Episode 535: Praise for Konami

Even a broken clock, etc.
Truly! Praise for Konami!

Download Link: Released 2019.05.27

With the release of the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, the panelists find themselves having to praise Konami. So, to ensure that the panel does not develop an addiction to being kind and generous, scorn is also heaped on hipster developers.


  1. If Video Game Addiction is recognized as a Psychological Disorder, that allows it to be a valid reason to seek therapy and be covered by insurance. There’s enough parents out there who would like to seek therapy for their children over gaming too much, compared to grown adults seeking therapy for themselves for tanning too much for instance, that it’s convenient enough to put it in the DSM to satisfy insurance. I think the definition they give is fair.

    Philosophically though, I concur that it’s more likely due to depression, anxiety, etc – which in turn is also possibly the result of, or contributed to by environmental factors. I suspect that you’ll find that the people who are likely to seek therapy for Video Game Addiction are also those who are not mentally or emotionally insightful or sensitive enough to realize underlying factors like depression – which is why professional psychologists exist and are helpful to trace the line back to where they can work on the actual issues.

  2. Famous last words from the person who have bought and sold Xenosaga SEVEN times!! “Why don’t you play something good?” Good to have a laugh after getting my rage up from the gaming disorder discussion. That makes me so mad. It’s utterly unhelpful. It reminds me of Holbergs play and a phrase that is well known in Norway “Why does Jeppe drink?” It doesn’t look at the cause at all which can be a thousand different things. As one who was treated for depression and anxiety for years without much luck it’s frustrating. (Not that they aren’t real disorders). It’s a malfuntioning in the system that everyone is treated after a set of rules for each illness. In my case the issue wasn’t really those things at all, and because I didn’t fit the “box”, there was no help at all. There needs to be more room to look at the underlying cause instead of just treating symptoms.
    Rant over.

    Oh and I vote 4 weeks of Suikoden II! The first Suikoden was what 50 hours for me?

  3. @Winter: Famous last words from the person who have bought and sold Xenosaga SEVEN times!! “Why don’t you play something good?”

    Ah, but I’m not playing it—I only own it! XD

  4. Great podcast! Konami patching Castlevania Collections with all of that extra content is great news. With these collections coming out with a somewhat annual frequency, does anyone here (staff or reader) see future Konami collections coming out in the future? I’m talking about maybe the GBA and DS Castlevania in a collection, maybe another Metal Gear collection, or my personal pipe dream— a Suikoden collection? It sounds like these Konami collections do decently, maybe more are to come.

    Recently I was re-viewing the State of Play FF7R trailer, it got me thinking about what might be a good podcast discussion question. Seeing how it’s safe to say this site has a negative expectation (with good reasons) for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, namely due to the action rpg direction of it’s battle system (also the episodic aspect), I thought this would be an interesting thought experiment: what would the action battle system look like if it somehow exceeded your expectations and made the game a fun experience? Basically is it possible for members of the staff to enjoy an action rpg version of FF7, and if so what would that might look like? Also, what do you expect to see in the “more coming in June” teaser at the end of the trailer? I’m suspecting the first episode might be purely around the Midgar portion of the game, based on what I’ve seen.

  5. @Fumunshu – I’m expecting SE to officially say (if) it’s the first episode of FF7R. So far none of the trailers have said this, we’ve only heard that it’s the plan for the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a date as well.

    Despite what Akademician says, I think it will be a Christmas release this year given marketing for the game seems to be ramping up.

  6. For some weird reason Cat Fancy has a new podcast called RPGcast and they started it with episode 500 This week. Are they going to count backwards to episode 1 to finish it?

  7. I’ll side with SiliconNoob and Imitanis in their opinions on the first two Star Ocean games! Second Story especially, as it sits high on the list of my favorite PSX games.
    I understand the third game has a sizeable following, but I personally couldn’t despise entries 3-5 more. It’s amazing how the constraints of the medium used to mask the anime-inspired nature of the games so well.

  8. By the way Akademician, both Bloodstained games have a limited Physical release run. Are you picking them up? And Cat Fancy cast 500 had a clip of TDT’s previous owner Lusipurr. It was the egg McMuffin and 2 hashbrown at McDonald’s rant.

  9. @PubPibs: First, don’t trust CatFancy if they are trying to rebrand. You should never trust ANY website which tries to rebrand, or which renames its podcast!

    And, yes, I know Bloodstained RotN has a limited physical release. I’ve said many times on the podcast that I backed it on Kickstarter (it is the only game that I have ever backed), and so I will be receiving my copy that way.

    @Billy: What are the major differences between Star Ocean 1/2 and 3-5? I know so little about the series (my only experience is Star Ocean 2) that I’ve always assumed they were all broadly similar.

    @Fumunshu: A Suikoden Collection? BE STILL MY HEART. If only, if only…! Then we really would have reason to praise Konami.

    @Imitanis: If we get a playable demo post-E3, then the Christmas release seems more likely, albeit not certain (remember the excessive time between the first FFXV demo and the eventual release of the game). Otherwise, Spring 2020 seems more likely (especially if they are only splitting the game in half, as is now rumoured).

  10. Does your advice also cover here, since you’ve regarded several times already?

  11. @PubPibs: I don’t know what you mean. Nothing has ever changed here. You must be confused!

  12. @Akademician
    The major thorns that the series grew after the jump to PS2 are similar to other games of the era: the campiness of the dialogue and story become insufferable when bad voice acting is added to the mix.
    Additionally, a part of what made Star Ocean 2 enjoyable to me was the leveling mechanics, which gave the player many more options when developing characters than other JRPGs at the time. From what I’ve played of the newer games, that has become less of a selling point.

    Those are my two cents at least.

  13. @Billy: It seems nothing was spared the degradations of the Dark Age of Japanese Gaming. I know SN whinges about it every time I bring it up, but the PS1 era gave developers too many new options, many of which were technologically inchoate. The PS2 era only magnified this effect, which continued well into the PS3 era. Awful music, terrible writing, truly horrendous voice acting, and excessive and rapidly outdated CGI. And all the time spent on those things meant relatively less attention to the thing that actually mattered: gameplay, and whether the thing was fun.

    Most of those titles have aged so badly that going back to them in almost physically painful. Watching Reetin replay Xenosaga I was especially horrible.

  14. I would be willing to bet that if we had a total number of people that meet the criteria laid out for ‘gaming disorder’, that this number would be absolutely dwarfed by the number of people that would meet the same criteria but applied towards social media and smartphone usage. For gaming to be singled out here just makes me roll my eyes. There are absolutely people out there who can’t and don’t control their impulses, but as was discussed on the podcast, the manifestation of truly excessive gaming is indicative of any number of other issues. I’m just sick and tired of gamers and video games as a whole never being given the benefit of the doubt over anything. This seems to me to be another example of that. There are plenty of psychologists who disagree with this disorder being defined in such a way, which would seem to indicate that the scientific community is hardly united on this, so why push it forward?

  15. I think there are plenty of ‘good’ rpgs on the ps2, but very few ‘great’ ones. When assessing the qualities of system libraries, I will take a smaller number of great titles over a larger number of good titles every single time.

  16. @Fumunshu: Thanks for the discussion topic, we ended up using it in the forthcoming podcast.

    And THE SUMMER OF SUIKODEN II is now live! :D

  17. Entrants recorded: Tanzenmatt, Winter, Fumunshu, PubPibs, Billy, DefChaos.

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