TSM Episode 536: SiliconNooB Monopoly

...then it probably is a SiliconNooB, matey!
If it swears like a SiliconNooB, and fights like a SiliconNooB, and drinks like a SiliconNooB…

Download Link: Released 2019.06.03

Akademician reports on a series of one-sided World Cup 2019 matches, but Imitanis redirects discussion to his favourite game: SiliconNooB Monopoly–the most sleep-avoiding, arm-wrestling-infused, SiliconNooB-kissing property acquisition board game ever made!


  1. It was my birthday on 31st May too! I’m very proud to share it with Walt Whitman too.

  2. Well it’s better than Bup-oppoly. Do Nate to get properties *shudders*

  3. I’m thinking no xD

    It will totally be actionbased of course. I don’t think they are bold enough to go for something more traditional. I probably will play it and likely enjoy it. But I imagine them doing the same to Final Fantasy I or VI or Romancing SaGa 2. And then I think NO!!! I don’t want that … at all!!

  4. @Winter: We may know more about FF7R after E3 next week, given the rumour that we’ll be getting a playable demo. If so, prepare for fireworks.

    @PubPibs: quelle horreur!!

  5. Would it be considered cheating if you offer Silicon Noob beer for higher value properties?

  6. Your comparative speech that covered the philosophical basis for Catholic hearsay, how it pertains to game mechanics, and lead into how the FF7 remake is hearsay was one of your more glorious moments.

  7. Great podcast, and thank you for answering my discussion question. As a born and raised Catholic, I enjoyed the Eucharist analogy as well, and though I felt like while the battle system could definitely be considered one of the cores of what the game is, I think there is a reason why most people remember the accidentals when thinking of FF7. One of those reasons I’d wager is because the battle system for FF7 had a lot of problems, in retrospect. One of them, is that the system many would agree is far too easy. For example, at the beginning of the game Cloud is already overpowered, not just physically, he also has the bolt materia which is the weakness of the enemies for the entire midgar section. You can beat the game with minimal grinding and strategy. Another example is that the materia system is easily exploitable given that you can turn most characters into a dual physical/magical build, thus limiting their variation to their natural stats, equipment boosts, and limit breaks, and in many cases the variation of those caveats does not account for much. Characters in FF6 and Chrono Trigger has a lot more variety to their classes/builds. These two problems alone account for why I theorize people remember the accidentals over the battle system/the “game” itself— it was so easy and exploitable it was naturally less memorable then the music, story, characters, art, etc.

    Now, in my ideal FF7 remake, these flaws can be addressed in the confines of an ATB/turn based combat system, Square has improved this system many times over the years. For example, I’d consider Square’s Bravely Default games, as well as Octopath Traveler as games that have added challenge and strategy to turn based combat. The characters can be given more stat variation and can be limited materia access, to make them more unique. A version of this method was done in FF12’s zodiac job system, which limited characters access to the liscence board in order to allow the characters to be more distinct. I agree that a ff7 action rpg is a different game/experience, and removing rpg/ATB/turned based elements is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Improve the battle system, don’t replace it, is my own personal opinion of what they should do with the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

  8. I loved the breakdown regarding the Final Fantasy 7 battle system and its intrinsic relationship to the game itself. I’m not sure what to say about it beyond that, I think that you covered it as thoroughly as possible.

    Caspius, if you change your mind and do end up deciding to go for the platinum for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and need another player for the Ghostbusters trophy, I’d be happy to help sometime. :)

  9. Entrants Recorded: TanzenMatt, PubPibs, Winter, RabidKitten, Fumunshu, DefChaos.

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