TSM Episode 537: The Pre3 Show

Hmm. Sony? Hello? Sony? Anybody? Sony, where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Are you looking forward to this year’s SONY conference?

Download Link: Released 2019.06.10

With the spectacle of the Cricket World Cup (50-over edition) in full swing, SiliconNooB and Akademician discuss Australia’s fortunes, before Imitanis joins them to redirect discussion back to the major gaming event which is taking place at the same time: E3.


  1. Well your nightmare begins next year Caspius. 3/20/20. Final Fantasy VII remake vol 1.

  2. So I hear! That should give me time to convert the site to ihatesquareenix.com

  3. I heard a dlc boss is a demon called Lusipurr wearing a pith Helmet screaming through a megaphone while throwing orange chairs at players.

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