TSM Episode 538: E3 Extravaganza 2019

Where's Sephiroth when we need him?
Square Enix’s E3 2019 Conference

Download Link: Released 2019.06.17

With the launch of The Day Tonight’s Smash Bros. Tournament Donation Drive, the on-going Cricket World Cup, the forthcoming Ashes contest, the site-wide playthrough of Suikoden II, and the conclusion of E3, the panelists find themselves buried in news!


  1. I remember in history class Columbus sailed to find a quicker route to get Shenmue 3 earlier. And isn’t it a rule that employees of the day tonight must sit in an orange seat for a week for each podcast they do outside of tsm? Better get Lusi’s seat ready.

  2. I remember when the Greeks sacked Troy after hearing they had been working on Shenmue III!

  3. I’ve always felt that God should be held responsible for promising Shenmue III on the sixth day and then taking a rest. Where’s Shenmue III!?

  4. Wasn’t the big bang’d explosion a Shenmue 3 coming soon design?

  5. When the stars burn out, and the universe falls into inky black frozen entropy, there will be nothing left but Shenmue III…

  6. At that point we will have reached the end of time, and Gaspar will be waiting there to hand us a copy of Shenmue III.

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