TSM Episode 539: Caspius and SiliconNooB at War

Will the Final Fantasy VII Remake destroy everything, including this website's long alliance between the forces of darkness and light!?
Holy Knight Akademician and Recreant Knight SiliconNooB at War!

Download Link: Released 2019.06.24

The wretchedness of the Final Fantasy VII Remake claims yet another victim: the peace which has existed between Akademician and SiliconNooB! With the early outbreak of hostilities in an already hotly-contested Ashes Summer, will peace ever return?


  1. Did you see that Iga announced 13 free docs coming to Bloodstained? The platinum is calling you Caspius.

  2. Yep, I’m a backer so I get all that news as it comes.
    I’m not going for the trophies! I forswear them!

  3. But the Iga is calling your name… Caspius…Caspius… The platinum is calling you. Look how shiny it is…. It’s not Mexican Platinum… It’s sooo pretty.

  4. Don’t you want to show your friends on the PSN that you are a fan of it? That you support Igavania?

  5. Actually Caspius. One day Dragon Quest XI will be on a super sale on PS4. Something like Big in Japan sale. Andnit will be so cheap that I will pick it up and there it will rest among the other Final Fantasy etc while I play it on Switch lol xD

    We’re getting a bigger tv soon though. I’m hoping that will give me more joy again playing on tv. I suspect I don’t see as well as I did and it’s not as comfortable reading text on that smaller tv. We will see.

  6. @Winter: I’m not certain that SE ever puts their biggest games on ‘super sale’ whilst the console in question is still relevant, but I suppose you can always hope!

    I cannot play games on small TVs really. My eyesight is simply too poor. Even with our 65″ 4K TV, I have to sit pretty close (about 8ft at most) in order to avoid having to squint. So, the Switch is very helpful in portable mode, although I seldom play it in portable–probably only a handful of times. Knowing that I can play it in portable if I want to is what is helpful to getting me to play it on the TV at all, though.

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