TSM Episode 540: The Square Enix News Hour

Final Fantasy XIV: Now a live-action direct-to-download television production!

Download Link: Released 2019.07.01

Two former staff members rejoin the site and take up positions as podcast panelists in a week chock-full of Square Enix news: Durga comes bearing the announcement of spiritual sequel to ActRaiser, and Brock presents the latest World of Warcraft updates.


  1. Unfortunately even I won’t finish this playthrough. Or I will someday, but not likely this summer :( My mood has been swinging the last weeks towars light, colorful games like Atelier, NepNep, Mana etc. I’m not sure the Suikoden games are really for me, but playing them when I’m really not in mood is definitely unfair to the game. They are good games. A little less world map variety than I like and it feels like they are definitely more catered to people who love lore and npc stories etc. I liked them, but I think my sister would love them actually so hopefully she can play them one day when she escapes the claws of Octopath final final boss. It was fun trying though, now I know what the games are all about and when rpg golden years reach SII I will play it again and hopefully the timing will be better ^^

  2. Awww!
    Yes, although there are moments of humour, by and large the Suikoden games are pretty serious. They are really aimed at people who prize story very highly, as you note.

    Still, you have plenty of time to finish before 2027 when we do the Summer of Suikoden III. ;)

  3. Akademician, I’ve already completed 75% of the Bloodstained map and saw the bad ending.the trophies are enticing. They are saying Akademician…Akademician… We’re waiting for you. Show your Igavania pride and earn us. We’re better than the final fantasy 15 trophies. You know you want to.

  4. So you’re saying you like Final Fantasy 15 more than Bloodstained?

  5. I have been playing Bloodstained. I’m just not interested in trophies any longer. I have even turned the notifications off.

  6. Lol true. By that time even rpg golden years might have played it :P Unless I keep stumping our progress with SaGa patreon games that is. :P

  7. @PubPibs: What are you on about?

    I haven’t played Borderlands in weeks. It isn’t even installed. The last time I played it was during E3 when they released the new DLC for Borderlands 2, and ‘all the trophies’ I got were the three or so associated with that DLC which I got from completing the storyline with Imitanis.

    As I said on the podcast several weeks ago, I’m not really interested in chasing down any remaining trophies (or trophies at all, generally). Borderlands’ new DLC, making me jump through stupid hoops to achieve them, was enough to get me to say, ‘I actually don’t like doing this—so I won’t.’

  8. I have Bloodstained almost complete. 90+% of the map complete. 1 hidden boss defeated. Monster 44 in demon Dex.

  9. 99.8% map finished. All secret bosses beat. All shards obtained before the final boss. All demons found before the final boss. Almost all quests finished. How far are you Akademician?

  10. 100% complete with the story mode in Mario Maker 2, which came out this week (see my tweets about the game). How far are you in that?

  11. Well I don’t have a switch, but I just beat the final boss of Bloodstained. All that’s left is the post endgame boss OD. Aka Alucard.

  12. That’ll finish the monsters and shards until the Iga doc boss fight.

  13. You don’t have a Switch!? Come on! It’s [current year]!!!

  14. Btw what backing level were you clan wise? He has all the backers listed.

  15. I have no idea. I don’t even know if there was a clan when I backed it. Enough to get a physical copy of the PS4 version of the game.

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