TSM Episode 541: Russian Book Battle

Mm! Yes! Coffee, why, how utterly delightul! Ho Ho!
SiliconNooB Reading His e-Book

Download Link: Released 2019.07.08

SiliconNooB and Akademician disagree over the value of worthless, ephemerable, untransferable e-books versus beautiful, substantial, enduring hardcovers, before Imitanis reminds the panel that the disagreement is becoming murderously Russian in its tone.


  1. You know, a good PDF is hard to beat for archival storage. While paper may have heft, it’s not what I would call a durable medium. Some of my old books from the early part of last century are so fragile I can’t read them for fear of the paper disintegrating. But luckily I do have PDFs of them!

  2. @Lane: What has happened to your old books!? I have some even from the 1700s and they are all still in good order!
    I do use a PDF of the original Douay-Rheims translation of the bible for work purposes, because modern editions are a 19th century revision by Bishop Challoner, and so not useful for discussing the text used by medievals.

  3. They’re cheap pulp novels. I have a soft spot for the pulp writers and New Weird and like to collect early or first runs of things like Conan novels.

  4. Caspius, did you notice the last couple of weeks you had an extra guest on the podcast giving their opinions while you were on? Your newborn was crying up a storm for you.

  5. @Lane: No reprints available? You really do go in for the queerest things—this podcast inclusive!

    @PubPibs: Yep, sometimes my wife doesn’t take him with her into the kitchen when it is bottle time—and when he is hungry, he does yell. Luckily, that’s about the only time he ever seems to cry!

  6. Maybe he wants to watch daddy encourage his minions are employees to do his bidding.

  7. Btw the pic can’t be Silicon Noob. The cup in his hand isn’t alcohol and he doesn’t have his trademark mustache and cork hat.

  8. We still need to see a fighting game battle version of Lusipurr versus Caspius a la mk

  9. A vile evil creature who thinks EA is a good company, thinks there is no exploration in Metroid, loves Mighty #9, has all of the Nintendo Labo sets. Enjoys the Virtuaboy, listens to lady gaga…

  10. He said he’d retake the castle and have you play the Complete FF7 remake when he’s in control.

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