TSM Episode 543: SiliconNooB’s American Vacation

Just add Coleman camping gear and a Cup Noodle hat!
Mighty vistas suitable for a Square-Enix JRPG!

Download Link: Released 2019.07.22

Akademician and SiliconNooB plan a Grand Canyon Tour of the western United States, including Bup and Lane in an economy-sized automobile, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on the Nintendo Switch, and a stop at the World’s Largest Fibreglass Whale Sculpture.


  1. I pressed Enter too quickly and accidentally made a comment… I used to read The GIA all the time. My path towards finding Lusipurr/The Day Tonight really starts with one of the very first websites I found after getting the internet, Andrew Vestal’s UnOfficial Squaresoft Home Page (and that damn moogle costume he had). It was a really important resource to learn about Final Fantasy VII before I could get a PlayStation! But that turned into Square.net, and spun off into The GIA and I think RPGamer at around the same time. It’s funny that you bring GIA up, I was just thinking about it a couple days ago for some reason. I even remember writing a letter or two when Andrew Kaufmann did that section. What did you do there Caspius?

  2. You’re right Caspius I will get the Switch Lite no matter. And I am in fact usually at home playing. Size wins over battery and I can’t justify getting a better battery Switch anyways with no other differences since I got mine for Christmas two years ago. A lighter model will give me the opportunity to carry less and still play Switch games. Or I suppose more likely to carry more and to get to play Switch for longer xD
    It’s not exactly like I’m ever without entertainment though. I packed seven handhelds for this four day trip I’m going on with my sister, I just am really bad at choosing xD

  3. Tournament Entry (22 July)! – Tanzenmatt

    Tournament Entry (22 July)! – Winter

  4. @Tanzenmatt: The GIA hired me to replace Fritz! But then, alas, they closed up shop. So I never got to do anything at all!

  5. Winter: Just pick one (1)! Any one! But restrict yourself to one selection!

  6. One thing I am worried about for the Switch Lite though is the joy con drifting. Hope they fix it on the Lite. They would get a lot of Switch Lites in return if they don’t.

  7. I’m not sure I understand what that means. Do you mean some kind of damage to the controllers over time? I’ve heard of the Switch having problems with connectivity, but that won’t be an issue with the Lite, because they are directly wired into the console rather than connected via wireless.

  8. @Caspius Nintendo are currently having to deal with a class action lawsuit because of the drifting issue. My understanding is that it was only an issue for the first wave of consoles sold, and it also requires a fair amount of heavy usage in order to manifest.

  9. What is the nature of the issue? Incorrectly calibrated joysticks?

  10. After time the analog stick will register a slight false input and list in a certain direction if no other direction is being pushed.

  11. I already have an economy-sized motor vehicle. Well, it’s a crossover SUV, but it’d seat 4 adults quite comfortably. Or I could take the pickup, but it gets abysmal gas mileage.

    If you’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, you need to. It is really awe-inspiring, and taking a tour to the canyon floor, standing next to the river, is really profound. There’s also good camping and hiking, plus fishing if you’re into that like I am. The uplands around Flagstaff are also really nice — nothing like the rest of Arizona, which is beautiful in a desert-y way, but if you grew up in a desert it’s just more of the same.

    The mountains of northern California and the PNW are also do not miss.

  12. Well I think you should setup the road trip with SNoob in February so he can enjoy the full experience of what winter can be. Imagine his joy at seeing snow for the first time in real life. Imagine driving to the east coast and driving by the Budweiser building in Bush Gardens Virginia with him in the back seat and the child safety locks engaged so he can’t open the door by accident as you pass by the free beer samples area. Or visit the Jack Daniels distillery where whiskey is made. He might enjoy watching as you slowly drive past it. Jigglypuff and NES X-Men by LJN.

  13. If you are deprived of any alcohol for 2 weeks and ended up near there, you’d try guzzling that.

  14. Well Caspius, that means you should pack several cases of Foster’s brand Piss for SNoob’s winter Wonderland trip across America so he can stay hydrated between rest stops. That and Bup playing Lady Gaga songs all the time you might want tobring some earplugs to stave off the bleating of so called music and lady gaga. Meat Knight and Lunar Dragon Song

  15. @PubPibs: I think we need a bit more -engagement- for the comment to be ‘substantial’. I’m not convinced that almost-solo riffing, on a topic of your own, counts. Sorry.

  16. @PubPibs: Perhaps if you have some comment on the news stories from the podcast? Hint hint! ;)

  17. Wait Lusi, you and Noob are coming to Arizona as part of SiliconNoob’s Western America Pilgrimage? We don’t normally take too kindly to Aussies here in AZ, but I’m sure an exception can be made for such an upstanding individual. Unfortunately, Huge Nerds tend to be shot on sight, so you might need some body armor, Lusi.

  18. Tournament Entry (27 July) – Gyme

    That’s the plan. Well, I mean, that’s my plan. SN wants a different plan. Now that Lane is on board, though, I think we’re in a position to force him into compliance.

  19. I’m not going to America. Caspius is WRONG!

    Stop promising people things that aren’t going to happen!

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