News: The ESA Doxing Debacle

ESA Doxes Over 2000 Game Journalists

This past week has seen upwards of two thousand E3 2019 attendees doxed by the ESA, including legacy game urinalist shills, Youtubers, and Streamers. The reason for this is that the ESA wanted to create a resource to allow game companies to contact preferred journalists to organise coverage of their games. The way they went about this was to create a publicly viewable database featuring the phone numbers, emails, and home addresses of attendees, which was still up two months after the close of E3!

Top kek!
The ESA has doxed every journalist who attended E3.

The ESA claimed that this database was password protected, and that it was only publicly accessible due to a bug in the website – but this was a lie.

We provide ESA members and exhibitors a media list on a password-protected exhibitor site so they can invite you to E3 press events, connect with you for interviews, and let you know what they are showcasing. For more than 20 years there has never been an issue.

Rather than challenge this disproven claim, the urinalist shills uncritically parroted it, before going after Sophia Narwitz, the journalist who broke this story, by claiming that it was his fault that the information leaked for drawing attention to it. In fact Narwitz notified the ESA about their information security problems, and did not post their video to Youtube until the link went dead – however the ESA so badly botched the takedown of this information that they killed the link, but continued to host the file, so that people were still able to access it through the Wayback Machine, leading to its massive proliferation. One hopes that these shill journalists enjoy the taste of maliciously ordered pizzas.

SNK Announces New Neo Geo Hardware

Everything old is new again! The Neo Geo Mini has been an unexpected hit for SNK, so much so that it seems to have reawoken some of the expansionist spirit of the company. That is why SNK have confirmed that they will be announcing a piece of brand new Neo Geo hardware once their release of the latest model of Neo Geo Mini hardware is out of the way. This week the company took to Twitter to make their announcement:

It will be interesting to see whether the new hardware is focussed on classic Neo Geo games or more recent titles.
SNK is about to introduce new Neo Geo hardware.

A Next-Gen NEOGEO hardware is coming after NEOGEO Mini. With a modern design and a wonderful play feeling and you can even link it to NEOGEO Mini, the new hardware will provide you a NEOGEO journey that you have never expeirenced.

Stay tuned for more information!#SNK #NEOGEO

SNK would later clarify that the new Neo Geo hardware would feature a “cutting-edge design”, and offer an “excellent feeling of play”. It will be interesting to see what form this new hardware will take. The tweet kind of implies that that it will be a piece of consumer hardware (as opposed to arcade hardware), but will it be a new micro console, or will it be a piece of pseudo arcade cabinet hardware like Arcade 1up? Personally, one would love to see SNK resume manufacture of legit reasonably priced AES console hardware (and cartridges), but that does not seem likely given the text of the tweet.

Switch Sales Numbers

The Switch has gone from strength to strength, now having sold 36.87 million units. While this is very impressive in itself, the real story of the Switch is one of attach rate. This week Nintendo has updated their top ten best selling Switch games, with the system’s top four games all having an attach rate of better than one third of all Switch owners.

Nearly a full half of all Switch owners have bought Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to be the system’s top game, and has managed an attach rate that is only a small margin away from being owned by half of all Switch owners. Mario Kart 8 has managed to sell 17.89 million copies, yet if it had sold just a little better at 18,435,000 copies then that would have constituted half of the Switch user base. An attach rate of a third would require game sales of 12,290,000 units, and Super Mario Odyssey manages to best that quite handily at 14.94 million units. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only falls short of this by a very small margin at 14.73 million units. Breath of the Wild also manages an attach rate of better than a third of all Switch owners at 13.61 million units. Pokemon: Let’s GO has managed an attach rate of better than a quarter of all Switch owners (9,217,500) at 10.98 million units sold. Meanwhile Splatoon 2 has fallen just short of this landmark at a mere 9.02 million units sold.

Rounding out the list is Super Mario Party at 6.99 million units. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has managed to sell 4.10 million units. 1-2-Switch has sold 3.01 million units. And finally Mario Tennis Aces has sold a respectable 2.75 million units. Sony has sold over 100 million PS4s, but their first party software cannot get close to matching the upper limit of Nintendo’s best sellers list. It is outcomes like this which makes the manufacture of hardware continue to be important to Nintendo


  1. Ooh that ESA story. Grand incompetence!

    Nintendo’s attach rate has always been good for reasons we’ve discussed before. And is there anything more iconic than Nintendo’s brand mascots? Not right now. Although, if they keep farming them out to mobile bilgedevs, that may change in time.

  2. Even so, I find it incredible that nearly half of all Switch owners own Mario Kart – which was a Wii U game!

  3. I don’t think that’s too surprising. Most people ignored the Wii U because they didn’t realize it was a new sys…oops, sorry, because of scheduling.

  4. @Gyme: Yea, but regardless Mario Kart 8 still sold 8.4 million copies on Wii U, which is part of what is so impressive. I wonder what is the overlap of people who bought the game on both Wii U and Switch, because Wii U sales look to have had a negligible effect on the Switch sales.

  5. I can’t imagine what SNK has in mind for a new Neo Geo machine, but as a fan my interest is naturally piqued. The problem with the Neo Geo Mini is that I have almost all of the games I want between Switch and PS4 through the ACA Hamster ports, and don’t need to invest in new hardware to get some games I love along with some I don’t. I am dreaming of a modern catridge-based 2D graphics console, but not holding my breath for anything.

  6. The thing that kills the Neo Geo mini for me is those tiny little controls.

    A 3/4 Neo Geo cabinet in the style of Arcade 1up could be cool tho.

  7. Now that you mentioned it (and discussed on the podcast), that would be incredible too. They are making a Samurai Shodown arcade version so perhaps it’s related. I’m also wondering if it would be along the lines of the Capcom built in 2 joystick thing. SNK absolutely does not have the kind of game output they used to, so I’m more inclined to think of a nostalgia machine, but possibly they’re thinking of revitalizing arcade gaming.

  8. Their output seems to have been picking up lately. They’ve put out KoFXIV, Samurai Shodown, and SNK Heroines in the span of a couple of years.

  9. And KOF XV coming! And I think a Metal Slug? We just need a space shooter, a beat ’em up, and a puzzle game now. It’s not a game from every series each year, but they’re still shaping up well.

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