TSM Episode 545: Shadow Madness

Only games with the word 'shadow' in the title will do!
Possessed by the Shadow Madness, SiliconNooB’s aesthetics have been corrupted!

Download Link: Released 2019.08.05

SiliconNooB is afflicted with Shadow Madness, rendering him unable to appreciate video games unless they contain the word ‘shadow’ in the title. Look forward to his future reviews of Shadow of the Colossus, Shadowrun, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


  1. SN and Shadowrun Gen. version review sign me up please! I was a huge fan of the old pen and paper game back in the early 90’s own all the source books too. Sadly, I have no one to play it with. I still play that old Gen pretty often it was the close to what the PNP was. The Snes one was fun and the recent pc games were good

  2. I’ve played Shadow Madness and enjoyed the quirkiness. Shadow the Hedgehog plays like Sonic Adventure. Shadow man I’ve never played. I think Shadowrun on SNES should be next but not Shadow of the Colossus might be too artsy for Akademician.in honor of Silicon Noob, my next choice will be Trevor and the Golden Axe PS3 version.

  3. Pub_pibs, I think Shadow of the Colossus sounds perfect for Akademician!

  4. Entry Awarded (5 August): Tactics Jack!

    I have cobbled together an entry for Lane based on Tanzenmatt and PubPibs responses.

    PubPibs: I assume you mean Golden Axe: Beast Rider.

    (Reminder: for multiplatform releases, you do not get to specify the platform unless there are serious differences in content, at my discretion.)

  5. Sorry but since there are multiple Golden Axe games I went with the best way to describe it. Like saying doom without a basic system could mean 3 different games from 3 different ages.

  6. Btw when you bring SNoob to America, will you take him to Outback steakhouse?

  7. I would NEVER take SiliconNooB to New Jersey. I’m mean, but I’m not a monster!

  8. I’ve been doing quite well living in New Jersey my whole life, THANKS. And if (Dr.Mario/NewPlayControl!PikminfortheWii) I can do it, then it can’t possibly be that bad. Which means SN can finally experience the bloomin’ onion the way his ancestor’s intended.

  9. Lord Mouthfarting, far be it for me to disagree, but your sprawling New Jersey estate is HARDLY representative of the rest of the state which is entirely, for want of a better word, paved.

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