TSM Episode 546: Back to School with Squall and Zell

Join us in YET ANOTHER playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII!
Are you ready to go BACK TO SCHOOL?

Download Link: Released 2019.08.12

When Akademician overhears a few seconds of The Man with the Machine Gun from the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack, his desire to play the game overwhelms his senses, spiralling The Day Tonight into yet another playthrough of Square Enix’s time-compression JRPG.


  1. So, final Fantasy VIII replaythrough, huh? Guess SNoob and I need to find School simulator games for your competition next. Making this the year of Shadowy school work. Caspius, how do you feel about the Fable collection counting as 1 game for your enjoyment? You count the pikmin series as 1 game. SNoob, when you do visit America on the Caspius’ wild ride, the next trip would be Caspius visiting Australia for an authentic SNoob Walkabout. This week’s pick is… Hero representing Legend of Dragoon.

  2. Honestly, there are a great many reasons to boycott Borderlands 3 at this point. It’s disheartening to see the support it still has despite one article after the other revealing 2K’s questionable business practices. I wasn’t particularly invested in the franchise ot begin with, and I’m certainly not going to give this iteration a try.

    On the topic of FFVIII, I couldn’t agree more with the opinions voiced in this episode. To me the game had a number of really great gameplay features and story beats that were just incredibly poorly executed. In retrospect, while I wouldn’t mind replaying it, I feel as though those myriad enjoyable moments get lost in the overall mediocrity of FFVIII.

  3. One of the redeeming elements of FFVIII for me was the weird slapstick side story of Laguna. I mean, the whole
    game was silly, but at least that portion was intentionally silly. I wish some of the quality of life cheats that are in the pc version were also in the console versions, because there is a lot of busy work in the game with junctioning and drawing, however I’m glad they’re putting some work into FFVIII with the remastering process. It’s a bizarre entry in the series, but memorable in spite (and because) of it’s flaws.

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