TSM Episode 547: Switching the Switch

Nintendo will replace old Switches with new if the purchase was made one or after 17 July 2019.
The new Nintendo Switch offers nearly doubled battery life!

Download Link: Released 2019.08.19

The Ashes continues and Akademician is plunged ever further into despair by the underwhelming performance of England, but with Gamescom on the horizon, the prospect of new video game news lifts his flagging spirits–and even Nintendo is trying to help!


  1. The only SaGa game I ever tried was Frontier 2. I remember being impressed with the music but not much else the game had to offer. That said, I get closer and closer to buying the remake of Romancing SaGa 2 every time I see mentioned. Maybe I’ll hold out for the remake of the third installment though, as it seems to be held in a higher regard.

    I’m also looking forward to Gamescom! I was so close to buying tickets and going, but ultimately decided I was to lazy.

  2. Billy, you should have gone to Gamescom. We could have had you write-up your experience as a guest column! :D

  3. I’d say wait for the Romancing Saga 3 Remake. Maybe we could even have a site playthrough if Caspius is amenable to the idea?

  4. *IF* we are going to play any SaGa game for a site-wide playthrough, it will be Makai Toushi SaGa (i.e. Final Fantasy Legend) and its GB sequels, before moving onto the other games in the series. Same with Mana–we’d start with the original Seiken Densetsu and work our way forward.

  5. I would like to see a site playthrough of both SaGa on Game Boy and the Seiken series, and I’m sure they’d happen eventually. Well before a Golden Axe or Streets Of Rage series playthrough, anyways. Have all the playthroughs been RPGs (or relatives like Zelda series)? Are there any other genres that you would consider?

    Since you mentioned the 8bitdo controllers, I did want to say that I back them completely as well. I have the SNES-style with thumbsticks and the Sega-ish controller – the latter mostly for fighting games. The rim on the left thumbstick on the SNES wore out after playing fighting games pretty heavily, though. Everything else is high quality.

  6. Tanzenmatt makes an excellent point – we should do a Golden Axe playthrough!

  7. Caspius, with Final Fantasy VIII remastered coming out in early September and you mentioning wanting to replay it for nostalgia reasons. Do you think Squeenix will add DLC to it such as a cup noodle themed Chocobo, Triple Triad online complete, Lightning costumes, etc? Also did a search for Shadow games on Caspiusfaqs, and holy cricketer could probably fill this list two times over with Shadow games. I guess this week’s choice is… Ridley for Shadow Master

  8. @PubPibs: No. They did not add anything to the re-releases of 7 and 9 except a few cheat options, and they are doing the same with 8. These are fairly straightforward modifications of the PC base with higher-res textures.

    Another gentle reminder: you get an entry when you see me post ‘Entry Awarded!‘, and not before. Then, post your selections on the tournament post page so they are all in one place. Thank you.

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