TSM Episode 548: Bupzuka HD Remaster

Not pictured: SiliconNooB, absent and weeping into his beer because of the Miracle at Headingley 2019.
Pictured: Akademician puts the smack down on Bup.

Download Link: Released 2019.08.26

As England’s Ashes chances falter at Headingley, Akademician begs for a miracle in order to triumph over his Australian foe. Bup arrives, bringing news of Yazuka remasters and Overwatch competitive meta changes, leading to his swift ejection from the panel.


  1. It’s great to hear Bup on the podcast again! Unfortunately, I still have no idea what Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus are doing right now.

    As much as I loved Fantasy Tactics, I never played Advanced or A2. I could see The War Of The Lions as a full 3D remake though. Not like FF7 remake, more like what they’re doing with Trials Of Mana.

    “You don’t play chess, do you” – this reminded me of about a decade ago, when I had a sudden yen to play a video game that was like chess, but had it’s own extra mechanics. Then I remembered that game existed already – Final Fantasy Tactics. Soon after, I found Disgaea.

  2. Quite the contrary, MORE jinxing of your Cricket team is required. MORE!

  3. My history with the TRPG genre goes like this a Love of chess ,ROTK, Battletech, FFT, a Unsucessful playthru of Tactics ogre(ps1) the FFT sequels, Dynasty Tactics, Fire Emblem, Advance wars, Jeane D’arc, a replay of FFT, a complete run of Tactics Ogre(PSP), Tactics Ogre Knights of Lodis, and the first Disgaea. I’ve pretty much ran the gamut of TRPGs.Now all I want is a Disgaea Collection before I play the rest. I bought the ps2 ones way late into its lifecycle so I haven’t got back to them yet, but I will eventually.

    It’s a long shot but I want a 3D game in the Ogre Battle Universe like FF12

  4. @Tactics Jack: I would love to see a Disgaea collection, but because they keep doing individual remasters, I think we won’t see that until the next generation (at the earliest). They’ll probably just remaster them all again… :(

  5. I think SN needs to look into Wargroove, since he likes the Advance War games like I do. So, I was poking around the MS store and it caught me eye. I’ve haven’t jumped on it yet since I don’t have the money for it right now. I might get it next week. There hasn’t been a new Advance War since 2008 since Days of ruin was released. Fire Emblem sells more copies sadly. Maybe someday they will reboot the series

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