TSM Episode 549: Miracle at Headingley

Ben Stokes celebrates a miraculous England victory at Headingley in the third 2019 Ashes Text (Reuters).
Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

Download Link: Released 2019.09.02

Following the conclusion to the third Ashes test at Headingley, the shocking and incredible result causes SiliconNooB’s health to fail entirely. But Akademician knows all too well that video game news will be enough to lure the Australian from his deathbed.


  1. SN is still recovering from the shock defeat at Headingley, so he might not have his news post ready yet…

  2. Speaking of a FFVII/FVIII/IX collection, please do I-VI, or at least IV-VI to complement the Mana. Since Nintendo isn’t doing anything as serious as Virtual Console ever again, it’s been up to the other companies. Capcom has been at it, Konami put out some very serious efforts, and it’s Square’s turn. Mr. Nintendo must be a freelance agent now, after betting it all on Earthbound Beginnings, and Clu-Clu Salaryman has been in charge since.

  3. I think it’s time for a Mr. Nintendo intervention. It may be the only way to save VC on the Switch.

  4. @Tanzenmatt – Squeenix still haven’t released Dragon Quest Collection in the West. I’d take that on either 3DS or Switch.

    Got caught up on all the podcasts today. The Yakuza Collection is something I want to pick up, but I’m going to wait for the physical edition that comes with the release of the 5th game next year. I’m hoping the spinoff titles get the treatment next so that we get the good ones the never come to the West.

    Changing the battle system for the 7th game is interesting and opens up design space for the developers. I often find myself button mashing through random battles anyway. The army battles found in 6 and Kiwami 2 could even be turned into Suikoden-style strategy battles!

  5. I might have to get a Switch now. Xenoblade Chonicles, remaster sold me on it.At the time I couldn’t find a copy for Wii at all. I still have a Wiiu just for Xenoblade Chronicles X and Breath of the Wild. It’s usualy one item that get me excited at one of these things, like the PSO2 announcement for XBone.

  6. Entry awarded: Tactics Jack (6 September)!

    @PubPibs: That’s our Nintendo!

    @TacticsJack: Never picked it up on 3DS? I just listed my Wii and 3DS versions for sale on Amazon, as I’ll be picking up the Switch version.

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