TSM Episode 550: Mr. Nintendo’s Clinical Depression

Please look forward to theoretical future releases. Like Gamecube games.
Mr. Nintendo is too depressed to release games every month.

Download Link: Released 2019.09.09

As England and Australia contest the fourth Ashes Test, Nintendo releases a new Direct announcement with both broad support for classic ports and the long-predicted addition of a Super Nintendo Switch Online service, leading to Mr. Nintendo’s depression.


  1. Final Fantasy II is your least favorite FF Akademician? Crazy how different tastes are. It’s becoming one of my favorites along with the rest of the top “bracket”: FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX, FFI, FFX and FFXII. Except for FFVII what would be your second favorite?

    Happy as I an getting snes, my weakness, I think their latest move is quite slimy. But I guess they can do that and i get why because no matter what they do Switch is my favorite console because of the sheer amount of games of all kinds and I actually “Switch” now xD I can’t help but love playing Skyrim or Darkest Dungeon or another darker game, change to Mario or Zelda and then pick up a snes game and then change to a sim game.Oh well. Hopelessly lost to Nintendo I guess.

    September is crazy gametime for sure. Now I have to decide, Baldur’s Gate will probably take first priority though.

    Have a good week you all!

  2. It has been (and will continue to be) a great time for great games lately. I’ve played a little of Fire Emblem: Three Houses too, but it’s more on-and-off. My gaming moment of the week has definitely been River City Girls which released a few days ago. It’s not just a successor to River City Ransom, but I think also heavily inspired by the excellent Scott Pilgrim The Game which has been unfortunately scrubbed off of the face of the planet due to being digital-only.

    Whereas I own Xenoblade Chronicles and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE already, but have only put a handful of hours into both, I have to decide whether they’re worth buying again. Xenoblade needs the upgrade more. I don’t think TMS#FE will get that much of an upgrade, they just know many more people own Switches now than Wii Us then. It’s pretty much a Persona game though.

    And then Link’s Awakening very soon! One of my all-time favorite games, and unquestionably worth playing again.

  3. Scott Pilgrim is one of the worst games I have ever played. Character movement and collision detection just felt wonky AF. Unplayable!

    Stick with Golden Axe!

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions isn’t really like a Persona game – or rather it is like Persona 1 and 2, before the series incorporated such heavy sim aspects. Tokyo Mirage Sessions seems very dungeon focused. IMO Fire Emblem: Three Houses is more of a Persona game than Tokyo Mirage Sessions is.

    At any rate, I will be picking up both Xenoblade and Tokyo Mirage Sessions – not so much for the upgrade, but because they are both great games that were released on terrible systems. I love my Switch, and enjoy having it connected to my TV, and so I’ll re-buy these Switch ports so that I can actually play them without having to go rummage through plastic crates in order to dig out and set up systems that I dislike playing. Space is at a premium around my TV, and the Wii and Wii U just do not belong there.

  4. Entry awarded – Winter (9 September)!

    Entry awarded – Tanzenmatt (9 September)!

    Entry awarded – SiliconNooB (9 September)!

  5. For my last entry, I really meant the SG-1000 version of the game Ninja Princess instead of the Master System version The Ninja, which I realize now is a quandry. On the one hand, games have to be officially released in English, which The Ninja was but Ninja Princess was not. However, the acceptable consoles does contain SG-1000 which itself was not released outside of Japan. I could choose a different game, but Ninja Princess really requires no language skills to be playable, if that helps.

  6. @Matt – I recall Akademician saying something along the lines of him being willing to review a Japan exclusive if there was no reading comprehension required, so IF he still feels that way then you may be in luck.

  7. I had a game in mind, Tower of Druaga. from the 80’s. only released in Japan. I’ve played it up to level 15 so far I haven’t had any problems. That game is just 60 levels of pain. The one on ps2 I liked just never have the time to play it.

  8. Honestly, I didn’t pick Sekiro as my game cause it had “shadow” in the title. I just think it would be a good game for Akademician to review. But the fact that it had shadow in the title made it all the better pick, though I didn’t know about the inside joke until after the fact. Anywho, my birthday is also tomorrow (11th) like that poet you mentioned, though I don’t have any poetry for you to read.

  9. I wonder, if Nintendo announces a mother trilogy to the Switch, does that mean the terrifying return of the demon king Lusipurr to the day tonight?

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