TSM Episode 551: Rising from the Ashes

Whatever else may be said about it, the Final Fantasy VII remake looks beautiful.
The ruins of Sector 7.

Download Link: Released 2019.09.16

The arrival of the Tokyo Game Show brings a veritable deluge of video game news, including a bevy of console release dates and the debut of a new Final Fantasy VII remake trailer and demo–and, in a much-demanded addition, the inclusion of a Classic mode!


  1. I can’t help but feel that casting Mark Hamill as Don Corneo was something of a missed opportunity. How much more fitting would it have been if he were cast as both Biggs and Wedge?!

    Regardless, it makes me smile to imagine the Square Enix office geeking out over finally being able to cast Luke Skywalker as one of their Final Fantasy characters!

  2. Entry awarded – SiliconNooB (16 September)!

    Heads-up! Dragon Quest I-II-III confirmed for the West on Switch, 27 September!

  3. @PubPibs: We’re on the same PR lists as the other sites, so by the time anyone has posted it for you to link it to us, we already know. :)

  4. You didn’t answer the question I left Sunday on the previous podcast comments. So I’ll ask again. If for some reason Nintendo announces a Mother Trilogy for the Switch within the next 12 month’s, will that mean the devastating return of the Daemon Lord Lusipurr the undying?

  5. @PubPibs: I didn’t respond to the question because I did not, and still do not, understand it.

  6. I won’t get my hopes up.

    I won’t get my hopes up.


    I WON’T.

    I WON’T!!!

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