TSM Episode 552: Christmas in September

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Download Link: Released 2019.09.23

Akademician and SiliconNooB review the end of summer prospects for video games–and there are a lot of them. With a bounty of new releases and remasters, and the prospect of the Christmas season on the horizon, the future of gaming has never looked brighter!


  1. I was thinking about the FFIX situation, and IMO the perfect game to bundle with it for the purpose of producing a physical game card would be Crystal Chronicles. CC’s art style is somewhat similar to IX, which would make it thematically apt. Moreover, I bet there are a lot of fans of the core FF series who might not necessarily be looking at buying CC because they all had PS2s instead of GameCubes back in the day (and so they have no nostalgia for it), and yet they would probably be happy to get it bundled with FFIX.

  2. I wouldn’t mind that! Obviously I would prefer them seperate and I think IX as the best made Final Fantasy IMO deserves it’s own cartridge. But SE teach us you can’t have everything in this world. I bought FFVIII remastered when it came out. FFVII too, put 60 hours into it I think. Still there’s no way I’m letting the opportunity of having them physical pass me by so definitely getting that. Also preordered the DQ collection, that ia a gem! I play the first one almost yearly. Twice this year, played nes version too ^^

    You guys are so right. There’s something magical about SE presenting a future game. I guess that’s why I was watching the FFXV presentation, tears streaming at 3 am xD

  3. Entry Awarded – SiliconNooB (23 September)!

    Entry Awarded – Winter (23 September)!

  4. I guess that’s why I was watching the FFXV presentation, tears streaming at 3 am xD

    XV also brings me to tears. ;)

  5. The bundles I would put together If I was running SE would be FFIX/FF Tactics and Vargrant Story/Tactics Ogre. I still have those old Ps1 anthology collections in a box somewhere those were a good idea at the time. If SE was smart that’s what I would do and do it for all the current gen systems, PS4/XBONE/Switch but this is current year SE its not gonna happen.

  6. So Far I dont feel the need to own FF7 remake, that might change I guess. I wish the character design of tifa, aeris and cloud had bigger eyes and tinier noses. Advent Children faces were nice .

  7. It makes me sad that there won’t be more from those two IPs. I remember reading something that Matsuno has said he’s out of ideas for the Ogre Battle series. I think Vagrant Story could be expanded some but I don’t know how. Riskbreakers maybe? :sigh:

    oh……Gaming moment this week for me…….Xenosaga……Yep I’m going though all 3 games finally.

  8. Entry awarded – Tactics Jack (24 September)!

    Entry awarded – Ferchu (24 September)!

  9. @Winter: Nope, they’re here to stay. If I sold them, there would be a gap on my shelf!

  10. Christmas in September? Sounds about right in stores in New Jersey. Does that mean at your house a Santa Cait Sith comes bounding in shouting Scottish epitaph through a megaphone while rolling dice to determine who get what gifts Caspius? Do you think FF7D(remake) will have Cup Noodle DLC along with lightning costume packs and pay per ultimate usage at $.99 / Ultimate usage fees?

  11. Never sold my copies Winter XD
    I have a factory sealed copy of 3, now I have seen what they are going for I might sell it.
    I bought it at $30 10 years ago, I’ll still do pretty well selling it then buying a used copy.

  12. I forgot to say this before. I call BS on the Bup episode. That was not Bup, but a program Caspius has on his PC. He wasn’t as loud or as obnoxious as he was in the past, he didn’t cut anyone off in mid sentence, and the biggest tell was NO LADY GAGA NEWS! Nip would rather kiss Lane full on the lips than skip lady gaga news.

  13. Nip would rather kiss Lane full on the lips than skip lady gaga news.

    I love how autocorrect just changed Bup’s name into a racist slur! ^_^

    Also, it looks like listers have started to ship Bup with Lane… What would we even call that couple? Blane?

  14. Hey, long time listener/lurker to the podcast and website.
    I’m thinking FFIX should have been bundled with VII and VIII, and they’ve missed their opportunity. Really they have no options that will make sense release wise now. It would be interesting if they bundled them into thematically matching games. Like some sort of Ivalice compilation of FFXII, Tactics and Tactics Advance, or a bundle or sale on Rpgs with job systems, including Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light, Bravely Default etc if they thought about porting them to Switch. Square Enix have a great back catalogue and have no clue what to do these days… I think you guys touched on this in the podcast or the episode before.

    Gaming moment for me has been getting frustrated with games and not being able to decide what to play. After finishing Fire Emblem Three Houses, I started a second route, quickly got bored and then proceeded to play games I’ve finished many times before. Dark Souls Remastered (got to Ornstein and Smough boss battle on my New Game+ and got stuck attempting it for probably 3-4 hours before giving up)
    Then Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and focused a lot on the Triple Triad game and then modding cards to break the early game.
    Now after quitting both of those I have a bit of choice paralysis of what to play next…

    Keep up the good work with the podcast! Podcasts on the whole seem to be getting more exposure in the mainstream media, at least in the UK, so I hope you can grow with this (hipster) trend!

  15. Entry awarded – Berserk (28 September)!

    Thanks for the comments, Berserk. We always like to hear from our long time lurker-listeners!

    I struggle with choice paralysis, too. One thing that I’ve found helps is to pick a game and then constantly talk about it with my friends. If I have people with whom I am engaged in an ongoing discussion, that helps me to feel obligated to bring it to a close. Sadly, it doesn’t always work, but it helps!

    An Ivalice compilation would be A M A Z I N G. And so, it will never happen. We talked a little bit about this today before we recorded the next episode: it’s not that SE doesn’t have the people or the technology to do these things, they just don’t have the will. Instead, they are pumping out half-baked mobile garbage and raking in money from the people who they are steadily convincing not to be gamers.

    Comment again soon, we appreciate hearing from you!

  16. One reason I hate EA is that they have all of the Origin/WestWood IP’s that they do nothing with. when was the last Command and Conquer game? late 2000’s? Ultima? late 90’s at least. Wing Commander? PS1 game?
    EA earns my ire just for those alone, sell them to someone else if your not gonna make them

  17. @Siliconnoob I played the Black Eagles and sided with the church. I hope that’s not too spoilery… I did start a subsequent 2nd NG+ for the second Black Eagles route but got bored. I think there’s a little bit too much padding in the game, maybe that was the monastery stuff or something, I’m not sure but it could have been 10-20% shorter, but it is good. I’ve started back up Fire Emblem Fates to do a Conquest route playthrough now

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