News: Fiddlesticks!

Nintendo Makes Switch Lite Out of Defective Parts

Welp, Nintendo has done it again! “Waste not, want not”, says Mr Nintendo! The Switch Lite is beginning to make its way to the outside world, which has opened the door to Youtube tear-down videos – and the results are not good!

Remember when Nintendo products used to be solid?
The Switch Lite seems built for obsolescence.

Recently there has been a whole lot of trouble brewing around the defects in the OG launch model of the Nintendo Switch. People were finding that over time a high number of OG analogue sticks would tend to wear out and start to drift. Nintendo was staring down a looming class action lawsuit until they relented, replacing defective joycon sticks for free, and using different analogue sticks in all full size Nintendo Switch models going forward. Now that this problem has been solved anyone would naturally assume that these same improved sticks would just be used by Nintendo in their brand new Switch Lite system, right?

Well, it would seem that Nintendo had a warehouse full of defective analogue sticks just sitting there, and so when it came time to shave pennies in order to get the Switch Lite down to $199 they considered these defective analogue sticks to be fair game. Two different YouTube tech channels have done tear-downs on the Switch Lite, and have come to the same conclusion: the new system uses the old defective sticks. Nintendo are begging for another class action lawsuit, only this time it is even worse, because they are knowingly doing this. This is no innocent mistake on Nintendo’s part. Worse still, with the OG Switch model people could just swap out their old Joycons for a new pair, or a Pro Controller – whereas the Switch Lite is built as a single piece, and so broken systems need to be sent off for Nintendo to fix at their pleasure (at the user’s expense). This is almost like a built in Killswitch that guarantees Nintendo more money further down the road. Fiddlesticks!

PS5 Pro?

Sony introduced the PS4 Pro midway through the PS4’s lifecycle in order to smooth hardware sales along until the PS5 is able to launch at the end of 2020 – and it seems like Sony is growing accustomed to that sweet Pro money. As such, it has been heavily rumoured this week that a PS5 Pro model is going to launch alongside the regular PS5 SKU when it releases. This leak comes from Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa, who revealed both the PS4 Pro and the Switch Lite, so there is a very good chance of this news being accurate (at least at the time of publication). While it is kind of nice for Pro owners that they can just buy the more expensive SKU right out of the gate instead of having to purchase a pleb tier console at the start of the generation, it nonetheless seems to undermine the whole premise of the console.

I’m not sure whether or not I like this...
Do you want to see a PS5 Pro at launch?

When the PS4 Pro came out there had just recently been a new generation of AMD’s APU fabrication, which shrunk down the size of the chip significantly. This allowed the GPU to be twice the size in terms compute units, which ran at 911mhz compared to the PS4’s 800mhz. The Pro’s CPU ran at 2.13ghz compared to the PS4’s 1.6ghz, and system RAM was now faster, and more of it was available to developers. The PS4 Pro was capable of pushing 4.2 teraflops of processing power, compared to the PS4’s 1.8 teraflops – which is a boost in power that is substantially more than twice that of the system upon which it is based.

One mentions all this ancient history simply because a PS5 Pro which launches alongside the base model of the PS5 will not feature a GPU that is twice the size of the base model, and nor will the CPU and GPU be clocked that much higher than the ones used in the base model. Likely fewer (if any) of the GPU and CPU cores will be disabled for the purpose of improving manufacturing yields, with any defective chips being used for the base model PS5s (making this a potentially very efficient idea on the part of Sony). A Pro model would likely also come with additional RAM and a larger hard drive. It would probably provide a nice little bump in performance (maybe 20%, or perhaps 30% at the absolute maximum), but then what happens when Microsoft launches a proper Xbox Two X in 2022, which completely smokes the PS5 Pro because it is actually built upon a newer generation of hardware fabrication? Will Sony release a PS5 Super Pro to counter it? How many current gen consoles are too many? Do readers think this is a good idea? Should the base model of PS5 be made obsolete from day one? This just feels a little bit greedy, though it may well work out in the long run.

Anthem Is Kill

But then we pretty much knew that already, right? The game launched with the insurmountable problem that the thing most wrong with it was its busted up, tedious foundations – and there is not much that can be built on top of a foundation that will not bear weight. The game launched with a long ‘roadmap’ of content updates, but only one of these things ever came into fruition, and to the best of one’s recollection it never actually came out of beta testing. Then back in June this roadmap just up and vanished – poof – BioWare just deleted it without comment. What else were they going to do? The game is dead, and it has a broken and boring foundation on which nothing satisfying can be built. The game has warranted barely a mention in EA’s earnings reports. The game is being quietly killed off, but it seems like the few remaining players require a little more placation, which is why four months after the Anthem update roadmap was unceremoniously deleted, Bioware’s Chad Robertson has this week announced that the roadmap is being put on hold in order to fix ‘core problems’.

Anthem is kill!
BioWare aren’t going to renovate this rusted out clunker!

We hear your concerns on core issues in Anthem and are acting on it. Those systems require a more thorough review and re-working versus quick fixes.

We want to be transparent with you that we know more work needs to be done to make Anthem better. We also want to ensure we’re backing up our words with a great game you can play.

What utter shit. BioWare trying to pretend that they are doing their burned customers a big favour by working on ‘core issues’. So where have they been all year? On vacation? BioWare are not going to be fixing much of anything. The reason why BioWare has not been developing content since the game’s launch is that it did not sell enough copies. The reason why BioWare will not substantially address the ‘core issues’ of the game is that people are no longer playing Anthem, and few lapsed players have any interest in going back to check out the game following a patch – so additional work on the game is just a sunk cost. This is all just a ridiculous pantomime to keep customers placated until they forget about the game. How much longer must we continue the pantomime that BioWare is still a development studio?


  1. I am hoping that the day I get a nintendo switch….. I get lucky and get one without defects. I am not sure if I am going to get a ps5 in the future though.

  2. It’s definitely a concern with Switch Lite. In the end my wants prevailed and I got it anyway, just hoping I don’t get this issue. It shouldn’t be this way though. I have been lucky so far and absolutely having a blast with Switch Lite, but it’s not right that we should buy a product and hope for the best, they should at least adress it.

  3. I’m waiting for the Xenoblade Chronicles remaster before I jump on the Switch Train(TM). Theres at least four games I want to play on it, three is usualy my threshold. I’ll get the OG Switch I think.

    Now if XBX is remastered my WIIU is sold not long after, it’s the only game I play on it

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    Entry awarded – Tactics Jack (1 October)!

  5. My wife was considering a Switch Lite— Not anymore!

    I’d rather see pro consoles launch later rather than at launch. The console at launch should be one, unified piece of hardware, as good as it can be. Later on, when the technology is cheaper, make an modestly improved version available at the original price.

  6. I definitely think we will get a better Pro if it comes later in the console generation. I don’t see how Sony can release another Pro console mid-generation, so this will be it – and so then what happens when Xbox comes out with a proper enhanced console several years into the generation.

  7. I don’t totally understand the joycon drift issue. I bought a Switch on 10/31/2017 (Mario Odyssey was the deal-maker). I’m pretty sure that’s within the timeframe of drift issues, but I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. I know someone who bought it at launch and had the drift, but there was at least one second-pressing of Switches in 2017, after the initial scarcity Nintendo had to manufacture more. I wonder if it this applies to the launch purchasers more than anyone.

    The most I can say is that the left analogue stick feels a tiny bit loose now, but I have played a lot of fighting games with it. I even worse down the edges of an 8bitdo controller doing this. What does seem similar to the drift issue is with the other 8bitdo controller I have, the Sega-like model. Occasionally it seems to make up its own directional inputs, but that could also be lag as it catches up to previous inputs.

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