TSM Episode 553: Fallout Folly

The metaphor means: this game is a catastrophy.
This image is a metaphor for the game itself.

Download Link: Released 2019.09.30

Akademician and SiliconNooB stage an intervention with Imitanis, the site’s premiere Fallout fanboy, using a combination of traditional JRPGs, classic pixel art, chiptunes soundtracks, and repeated whacks about the face and head with a steel-rimmed megaphone.


  1. every time I think of fallout I think of games devoid of bugs, because those games are perfection……. but I could be lying

  2. I have definitely not been playing control. I got FFVIII R. Then the Asian version was announced. So naturally.. Then they announced DQI-III and I love them and physical… but then they digitally and they looked tempting… Then I noticed only one copy of DQXI in the store I buy games from, so.. And Fairy Fencer F got LR release and you know it’s limited..

    Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale collection, Stranded Sails, Cat Quest II, Story of Seasons. I’m sure October will be much better.

    Now I want a no games month. 0 games that is. 0, do you hear that Nintendo. No games for December. Well except Garden Paws xD

  3. I am still saving money for the nintendo switch… day by day we get closer and closer to the real pokemon game that will matter on the switch, so many good games to play there >.>

  4. It’s my favorite console now. It just have every type of game I want and they just keep on releasing more and more!

  5. Switch is a great console with an awesome selection of retro games, and it just feels good to use – the only problem is having to sift through all the shovelware in order to find the good stuff.

    I’m just really happy that I will be able to buy a brand new physical copy of FFVII later this year, and on a more durable medium than CD. Right now I’m looking at collecting more physical copies on the Switch. I definitely want FFX and RE4 – and I really wish that Grandia released physically…

  6. Entry awarded – Winter (30 September)!

    Entry awarded – Ferchu (30 September)!

    Entry awarded – SiliconNooB (1 October)!

  7. Cat Fancy sent this tweet for podcast listeners.
    In case you missed RPGamer’s Tweet
    Hey RPGCast fans, no recording today as @amprivitere and @sabin1001 have a sick kitty! We’ll be back for our regular show next week.

  8. I may have to get Dragon Quest XI Definitive even though I’ve played through it already on PS4. Really just yo play through again on 2D mode which looks beautiful. Obviously the team who put out the cellphone/Switch versions of DQI-III is not the team who normally works on Dragon Quest. No one could have possibly seen how DQXI and SNES versions of I-III look, then taken one glance at the MS Paint “upgrade” versions not vomited in disgust. Then again, the Switch ports were only going ro be relased for Southeast Asia originally and only last-minute decided on for the West. They must have different aesthetic values.

  9. Remember though what would they talk about if their main mascot kitty has the sniffles. Sick kitty updates?

  10. @Winter Isn’t Neverwinter Nights getting a remaster too? I got NWN free from GoG.com few years back I liked what I played of it. I hope they allow the some of the Mods, most of those were pretty good.

    Now all I need is Daybreak Games to remaster the Champions of Norrath games

  11. @Tactics Jack: Neverwinter Nights is getting a re-release, as well as Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale. I’m not too sure to what extent they’re remasters though – or at least anything different than the remasters already available on computer.

  12. @Tanzenmatt @Tactics Jack
    They are basically console ports of the already released Beamdog remasters called the enhanced editions

    They added content, expansions and new material as well. I followed them for a few years after they released, and have them on steam but rarely get to PC games these days so I’ve pre ordered the ultimate edition that is coming out with all the games in December

  13. The money I saved by not buying Borderlands 3 is better served getting these remasters of games I loved.

  14. It’s a short comment, but I love it.

    Entry awarded – Tactics Jack (4 October)!

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