TSM Episode 554: The Playthrough Debate

But will it be the final choice?
Earthbound is a potential playthrough candidate.

Download Link: Released 2019.10.07

Akademician, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis discuss the history of site-wide playthroughs, and try to decide whether to play a game that is available on current systems (Breath of Fire!) or a game which is available only on older consoles (Earthbound!).


  1. You know, I was going to post my angry comment, but then I noticed Breath of Fire … and yeah, I would be up for Switching to that ;). It’s still a Snes game! Well maybe I will find out further into the podcast what you decided if you have xD

  2. Has Dragon Quest XI done well? It seems like it has. If it has done well, then people still like traditional turn-based JRPGs; there is no other logical conclusion. Square Enix does not understand logic though. Mr. Square doesn’t anyways, but Mr. Enix does.

    Square Enix would have the rights to the Quintet games, right? Actraiser, Soul Blazer, etc. Where is the compilation of those on Switch, or why aren’t they on Switch Online? Actraiser was on Wii Virtual Console – but Illusion Of Gaia has never been re-released! What a time to bring Terranigma out officially in North America after Trials Of Mana!

  3. I think the problem with the FFXI moble game is Nexon has bitten off more than they can chew. The “Official” word from SE on the cancellation of the console versions in 2016 was because there was very few kits for the ps2 in the world for them to make new content. I think that’s BS if you ask me. SE had in their minds that it could be made with the same amount of money they spent in the early 2000’s(15million dollars) and hope they could make that money back plus some. They could also have a platform to spring from for further content. Nexon has had some problems lately and might go bankrupt soon, so SE will let Nexon do all the work and sweep in when Nexon goes under. That’s just my theory.

  4. I think I’ve found an animated version of Caspius. Foamy the Squirrel. If you watch the newest episode called Early Access Everything it sounds like a speeded up version of Caspius talking about the current games industry. As for FF11m I think Squenix is trying to figure out how to get their customers to pay the $13 a month on a mobile game before releasing it. Imitanis, why are you giving Caspius games he secretly wants to win and will probably stack the deck in their favor.? Did you know there’s a game based on the Double Dragon cartoon called Double Dragon V: the Shadow Falls?

  5. I would pay the $13 a month for a current gen version of FF11, to be honest that isn’t going to happen. I love the time I spent playing it, but I think it was “Ended” too soon. Sure they added new battles and neo-Dynamis, but the story is done. No new Expansions, zones, mobs ever again, for at least this version. I had my hopes up for FFX11m, but with Nexon looking like it’s closing up shop soon, either SE takes it in house or its vaporware

  6. Entry awarded – Tactics Jack (9 October)!

    Entry awarded – PubPibs (9 October)! (Barely. Your comment is almost incoherent, matey!)

    Keep those entries coming!

  7. To be perfectly selfish, I would like to play Breath of Fire because I just bought 12 months of Nintendo online and I don’t currently have a SNES hooked up. At the start of the year I bought a new TV which only has one set of component inputs, which completely upended my old console setup. I do plan on buying a Super NT when I am able to afford it, so that I am able to play SNES via hdmi, but right now my only two methods of playing SNES games are via Nintendo online and through my Supa Boy handheld system. A playthrough is still entirely viable with my Supa Boy, but I prefer to game on the big screen.

  8. Breath of Fire / Final Fantasy 6 / Chrono Trigger the trifecta of 10/10 games all that same year if my memory serves me right. Those games were all I had back in 1994, I had just moved to a new town and I my brought my Snes with me. I played those 3 games at least 5 times each in a span of 2 years till the PS1 came out. If Breath of fire is the choice I have access to the Snes and GBA versions. I’m going with the GBA version so I can take it with me.

    Earthbound is a fine game but Breath of Fire is a great game.

  9. I don’t know that I can brook claims that Breath of Fire is substantially ‘great’ when Earthbound is not!


    Entry awarded – Tactics Jack (11 October)!

  10. If the game is Earthbound, I may pick it up for a little bit as I left my Wii U copy save point at Threed. I’ve never played Breath Of Fire, and can’t say how I feel about it. Honestly though, I just got Dragon Quest XI (again) on Switch so that’s most likely what I’ll be doing again for awhile.

    Like SN, I bit the bullet on Switch Online for the NES/SNES games, as I went going on vacation and it’s nice to have that comfort food every now and again. I’ve mostly been playing Ballon Trip

    @Tactics Jack: Chrono Trigger came out in 1995.
    Other excellent SNES games from 1994 though: Mega Man X, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Illusion Of Gaia, and the not-excellent but above-average Demon’s Crest, Equinox, Earthworm Jim, Pocky & Rocky 2, Robotrek, and Twisted Tales Of Spike McFang (what a year!)

  11. finally about to listen to the podcast while I play super robot wars V for pc. I am so excited about that game <.<

    I wonder how earthbound and fire emblem have escaped the remake 3d action process that some people seem to want

  12. You know…. I hear good things about depression quest and revolution 60, maybe SiliconNooB should review one of those games….

  13. @Ferchu: In this contest, the Last Place prize is having a staff member of your choice review the game. Keep that in mind while choosing your character! (But computer/PC and self-published games are verboten – why you couldn’t choose, for instance, Stick Shift either)

  14. @Tanzenmatt: I was making a joke when I was talking about depression quest and revolution 60 because I know SN would never touch those games XD

  15. Entry awarded – Ferchu (12 October)!

    Entry awarded – Tanzenmatt (13 October)!

  16. I have one left in reserve with shadow in the title if you want it, Ferchu.
    Styx Master of Shadows

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