TSM Episode 555: Free Hong Kong, Winnie the Pooh!

Jinping the Pooh, Jinping the Pooh: / Tubby little chubby all stuffed with fluff. / He's Jinping the Pooh, Jinping the Pooh: / Willy, nilly, silly, old Xi.
Xi Jinping, President of China

Download Link: Released 2019.10.14

Akademician and SiliconNooB devote themselves to a most political podcast, focusing on problems of discourse in the gaming community, and what gamers (and journalists) mean when they speak of ‘politics’, ‘immersion’, and other vague or contentious topics.


  1. Well-spotted, SiliconNooB! That is indeed President Xi Jinping, inspecting the latest policy options from the politburo!

    Entry awarded – SiliconNooB (14 October)!

  2. When an approved stance from an approved group is defended, the neo-puritans rejoice in the correct use of “platform” and “voice”. When the rights (whether or not we agree with them) of a people or group or government (again, whether or not we agree with them), are even tangentially defended by a person/group/corporation, in the court of the neo-puritanical’s opinion, then it is an outrage that must be immediately addressed via the usual social channels, with relevant hashtags applied dutifully.

    You simply can’t have it both ways. Either we don’t judge ANYONE or ANY GROUP, including a government that considers itself correct (yes, I know it hurts because you KNOW deep down inside that they are WRONG and PERSECUTING innocent and, well, persecuted people), or we do. Stop defending one marginal group with a wacky world view and condemning another. Pick you battles. Or just write in your diary and leave every one else on earth alone.

  3. @Seb: Or (consider this!) maybe absolute moral relativism is nonsense, and there are things which are objectively bad (such as persecuting innocent people); and, when people/governments do such things, natural justice dictates that they should suffer.

    Entry awarded – Seb (14 October)!

  4. I’ll take along my home blood testing kit next spring and get to the bottom of it!

  5. The Golden Rule goes back at leat 2500 years, and perennially appears in moral and ethical philosophies across the world, and yet people still can’t get the hang of it. Everything is so stupidly simple.

  6. @TanzenMatt: Well, not *everything*, but quite a few things!

    Entry awarded – Tanzenmatt (14 October)!

  7. When asked, Winnie the Pooh had this to say: “Oh, Bother. I wish they’d stop comparing me to a Chinese Dick-tater. I don’t command my friends in Hundred Acre Woods to do my bidding, or tell them what to think. But I wish that Hong Kong would have it’s freedom. Oh, Bother. Herr Mickey is mad I made my Opinions known without his express permission. It’s back to the Gulags again.

  8. Newsflash! PS6 will have integrated heating and cooling with inbuild snowfunction to truly enhance the immersion..

  9. Update: the PS6 controllers will now have Shock and pain functionality via touch points and extendable needles.

  10. @SiliconNooB Full disclosure: Tencent owns 100% of my global assets, purchased in a leveraged deal with SoftBank in 2016.

  11. Entry awarded – PubPibs (15 October)!

    Entry awarded – Winter (15 October)!

  12. Here’s a thought: How long until Blizzard starts banning Overwatch accounts for supporting Hong Kong democracy on Twitter?

  13. @SN: I was thinking that myself!

    Entry awarded – SiliconNooB (16 October)!

  14. @SN: at this rate, how long will it be before all packaging has 3 languages printed on them? Formal Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Broken Engrish.

  15. Caspius, does the Mother 1&2 collection on GBA count for the play through? It’s a mostly translated version.

  16. What worries me is Tencent’s 9% stake in FDev the company that makes Elite: Dangerous is like how much influence do they have? I’ve noticed a decrease in content being made and a big push for the game store. I’m more wary now of giving FDev my money now or what can be said on the main forums. Just look up the drama of the last update it looks like they did no testing at all. Is Fdev cheaping out or is Tencent pulling the strings? Makes you think

  17. PubPibs: I don’t know how the rules could be any clearer.

    Per the rules:
    “Region: Officially released in English.“

    Was the collection officially released in English? You don’t need me to answer this question for you.

    Please folks, I don’t mind answering questions about the rules, but answering the same question for 10 different games is a little trying!

    In addition, questions about the rules should be on the tournament thread, not in a podcast discussion.

  18. @ Tactics Jack: Tencent’s involvement in so many different game developers, and a large stake that they hold in so many – sometimes even a controlling stake – should give us all pause. Increasingly, they look to be just a tool of the communist party in China, with only the finished veneer of autonomy.

    Luckily, the west is slowly waking up to the realisation that the apparent corporate interests in China, which once looked like the beginnings of independent capitalism, are really just wolves in sheep‘s clothing. Instead of representing nascent westernisation of the locked down Chinese market, they are instead tools by which the Chinese can control western markets – and, far more worryingly, are A means by which they may abridge the rights of western citizens to bring them more in line With autocratic Chinese totalitarianism.

    There is a sense in which corporate investment could be an Achilles heel for our markets: because corporations can be controlled by whoever has the money to buy the largest number of shares in them, and because China is currently rather wealthy, control of western corporations could be (and, as we have seen, is) in danger.

  19. The same rule applies for our playthrough: it governs the content for our reviews as well.

    This is quite apart from the fact that playing two, full length JRPGs, would be a bit much for a play through. It’s one thing when they are very short, but earthbound takes ~40 hours, and mother one is not very short either (~20h iirc).

    If we end up playing earthbound, which was officially released in English, it will be by itself – and then you can play whatever version of it you desire.

  20. This is the last time I do sight comments on my way to work! Having it read your comments to me, and using it to dictate my comments to you results in a bunch of gobbledygook!

  21. I think Pubpibs is just asking if the GBA version is OK for him to play if we do the Earthbound playthrough. If I remember correctly, the fan translation is just the Nintendo SNES translation inserted into the GBA ROM, so it is substantially the same experience (if I am remembering correctly).

  22. @SN: hence why I said that, if we do a Playthru, he can play whatever version he desires.

  23. Finally home!

    Because PubPibs comment was NOT about the contest, but was instead about the playthrough…

    Entry awarded – PubPibs (18 October)!

    But because SiliconNooB was only clarifying, he gets NO entry. T•O•O•B•A•D!

  24. It’s amazing that Blizzard keeps attempting to clarify the stance it took. To be honest, each press release ends being more entertaining than the last. Side note: Blizzard, Bioware, and Bethesda were known for great games 15 years ago, and now, not so much. In a few years, what game companies will be disappointing in a similar fashion?

    Mii Brawler : Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia
    It meets the shadow requirement.

  25. To be honest, each press release ends being up being more entertaining than the last. Apologies for the grammatical mistake.

  26. No worries!

    Entry awarded – That Man (19 October)!

    Could you please post your game/character selection on the tournament thread? That’s the one single location where all the selections need to be located so we can look them up if necessary.

  27. I formally give this entry to Silicon Noob for his help in clarifying my comment Caspius.

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