TSM Episode 556: Dragon Quarter Quitter

Masterpiece of sh----
Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, a MASTERPIECE!

Download Link: Released 2019.10.21

Akademician and SiliconNooB discuss Capcom’s intention of reviving dormant franchises, and SN tries to allay Akademician’ fears with news of Konami ‘reviving’ Silent Hill for pachislot machines and Sony ‘reviving’ Wild Arms for an abysmal mobile sequel.


  1. Auf Wiedersehen, mein Platz – auf dieser Seite ist jetzt Tanzenmattsspielenaugenblick. I’d implore any reader who hasn’t heard them yet, to look back on the old podcasts with readings of A Confederacy Of Dunces and Interview With The Vampire. I will definitely be checking out Critical Readings! How incredibly fortunate to be covering the Rime as well, which I just read a bit of this weekend along with Kubla Khan. I’ve also been meaning to ask if there’s anywhere I can read a doctorate thesis? I do see an essay on the Morte D’Arthur on the other site there.

  2. @Tanzenmatt: My doctoral thesis is available via the publisher, and it is in the Library of Congress as well, but if you don’t have academic access to either the best thing to do is send me a private message on Discord, and we can hook you up accordingly!

  3. Am I in a mirror universe? “Bup” not cutting people off or any Lady Gaga new while being polite last time he was on and now “Caspius” cancelling poem reading Ang giving Gaga news…What next? SNoob decrying the imbibing of Alcohol? Immatanus stating he’s French Canadian? Cat Fancy becoming Dog Fancy? Activision and EA becoming reputable companies again? Squenix releasing FF7 as a proper RPG with updated graphics and an orchestrated soundtrack all in 1 vol with no DLC?

  4. Here’s a off the wall suggestion for the Capcom rerelease news story: Destiny of an Emperor. I played DoaE 1-3 games and all the fan made mods for those on Swedish box. I’m a huge Rotk nerd so anything that uses it as a base I’ll play it.

  5. For Capcom collections, I could really use another arcade game collection with like 1942 and Eco Fighters. I’d reeaally like Alien vs Predatoe and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, or the Marvel/X-Men games through MvC2, but not holding any breath. What may be more likely is a Capcom Console Collection, with a mélange of selections like Ghosts & Goblins, Gun.Smoke, and Bionic Commando through UN Squadron and Demon’s Crest.

    Thanks Caspius! I’ll get onto Discord eventually.

  6. Entry awarded – PubPibs (21 October)!

    Entry awarded – Tactics Jack (21 October)!

  7. I realize Dragon Quarter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially since the preceeding games in the series set the expectations for something more traditional. That said, I enjoyed the game greatly once I got past first impressions. BoF games were to my eyes a more directed and linear experience overall compared to its Final Fantasy contemporaries, and Dragon Quarter took that to the extreme.

    Breath of Fire IV would be my wish for a playthrough though! Assuming it’s widely available.

  8. @Billy I believe 3 and 4 are on PSN. I own 1 and 2 on both SNES and GBA. So, playing any of the 5 games(there is no 6th game) wont be a problem.

  9. On the subject of Chinese censorship standards influencing markets, it is very insidious in how they’re able to kind of enforce their communist standards through capitalism. You can see this beginning through the film industry. In the movie “2012”, at the end of the movie it was China that was the civilization that survived. This was something that was sent to a Chinese standards and practices board, and was the ending that China approved in order for the film to be distributed. When you take stories like that into context over the past several years, it makes you wondered what/how much content was left inthe cutting room for the sake of not upsetting the Chinese government. One must readily assume that many video games have had their content/stories censored at the brainstorming stage perhaps even before proper development. That’s pretty unsettling.

  10. Chiming in with an idea: fuse the two names together to form the Tanzenmittanis Entertainment Corner. The more I look at it written the more like a disease it looks

  11. @Berserk: Tanzenmitanus, a terrible affliction that affects the nether regions. Liberally apply Zestria!

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