TSM Episode 557: A Smashing Start

Well, Jim, Jigglypuff is zero, zero, and six this season, with an annual DBI of seven point two, and a career HS-G/R of three to two with four in the bank. He'll be ripe for trade if he can increase his strike average without affecting his category ratio in the negative!
Radio broadcasts of sports are the superior method of participation.

Download Link: Released 2019.10.28

Akademician and SiliconNooB launch the first round of the Smash Bros. Tournament, eliminating a selection of games and bringing Akademician ever closer to a potential playthrough and review of Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadowgate, or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


  1. Oh, I forgot if I’d mentioned, but I chose Final Fantasy VI because it has Shadow in it.

  2. I plan on playing Romancing SaGa 3, so that sounds fine by me! It’s just that there’s going to be vanishingly smaller opportunities for people to play Earthbound as time marches inexorably forward. I don’t plan on getting Pokémon Sword any time soon.

    I meant for Sheik to represent Ninja Princess on the SG-1000, by the way. It was re-made as The Ninja for Master System.

  3. Did Ninja Princess on the SG-1000 have an official English release? Because if it didn’t you will have to make do with The Ninja.

  4. No, and the SG-1000 was never released outside of Japan either. So that system being is on the list, while none of its games qualify, is quite a paradox! Ultimately The Ninja is fine and Sheik’s not going to place anyways.

    I also wanted to mention that the radio play-by-play is fine amd valid, and fortuitous that Ethos will be there for the finale. I do miss the streaming from last year, which was fun.

  5. Ah, by Jove you’re right – again! I think we’ve had this conversation before, though I don’t remember if Caspius weighed in on it.

    My view is that, in this unique instance, we probably should allow Ninja Princess, since it doesn’t rely much on Japanese language comprehension. Tho we will have to see what Caspius thinks.

  6. Funny thing is I had Tower of Druaga as a selection largely because I found it to be Deadly Towers hard and Caspius hates Deadly Towers. Tower of Druaga was Japan only so I selected Azure Dreams(sad it lost btw) instead. My last selection was hard since I wanted something cool but different so I looked up the Tower of Druaga that came out on the ps2. I noticed that the first one was released not long ago in a Namco collection for the Switch for the West, I was like Wow! how did I not see that. I eventually went with Ultima Exodus

    Romancing Saga 3 is fine by me. I’ve already recently heard a Saga 1 and Saga Frontier review on a podcast. Winter knows which one. Unlimited Saga is out might as well go with Romancing Saga 3

    Smash on the podcast wasn’t boring. hell I fist punched the air when Sonic won. I think they fit better at the end of the podcast tho.

  7. Lol yes I certainly do. I might be kneedeep in that massive quest myself xD Reminding me I need to get Double Dungeons done soon so bad. Bah.

    I think having the tournament like that on the podcast worked very well!

    It’s hard to believe we’re only days away from Romancing SaGa 3. Yes I will be buying it on multiple platforms xD I’m so excited!!!

  8. Romancing SaGa 3 getting LOTS of support I see.

    @Tanzenmatt: ‘vanishing chances to play Earthbound’ :( :( :( :( :(

  9. The only thing I have against a Romancing Saga 3 playthrough is that it means I will have to buy the digital version upfront instead of holding back to see whether the game gets an eventual Asian physical release.

    Not buying FFVIII upfront meant not wasting $20 on a game I can’t own, and saving that money for the game’s December physical release (which Square Enix lied about).

  10. I don’t think one is coming SiliconNoob. I have it worse since I have a Xbox One and a Vita. I’m kinda tied into the Xbox because of the older BC 360 titles that I own Digital. The Vita is for all the older ps1 games and Tactics Ogre.
    I’ve also had a problem with SE charging $20 for Super Famicon games that already have fan translations. $10 or $12 would be ok Digital if you ask me

  11. It’s exactly the same thing they did with Romancing Saga 2, and that didn’t get a physical release either. If you were waiting for that to get a physical release, you’d still be waiting–and that one came out two years ago.

    Romancing SaGa 3 it is! (probably)

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