Feature: Ultimate Summer Smash

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE, er TWO--no, THREE! TOURNAMENTS! (note: we cannot legally rule out yet more future tournaments)
Final Destination — the final destination for our tournament.

Summer has arrived–and, with it, The Day Tonight’s Donation Drive!

THE YEAR IS 2011, and The Day Tonight launches its first Summer Fundraiser drive. FIVE YEARS HAVE PASSED, –five years, with the space of five long winters, and it is 2016, when The Day Tonight launches a site-wide feature for a Smash Bros. Tournament. STILL MORE TIME PASSES in a year of days and a year of nights to the summer of 2017, when The Day Tonight refined the Summer of Smash in an attempt to give readers even more participation than ever before. THEN COMETH THE HOUR when The Day Tonight dawned; THEN COMETH THE MAN as Caspius withal. AND FINALLY, dear traveller, you arrive in the present, whereat you hold temporal position as the nausea induced by your reckless time travel washes over you.

Overview: HELLO and WELCOME to the STARLIGHT MEGAexplanation of the fundraiser rules, terms, and conditions. At the end of this Donation Drive, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament will be held without any human players. Instead, the tournament will use computer-controlled AI characters at the maximum difficulty level without any further customisation. Each Fighter will represent a Participant’s entry in the Summer Fundraiser. All events will be broadcast live on Twitch, with commentary from Caspius and other staff members as available.

Each digital Fighter carries the hopes and prayers of a donator, driven to an act of desperate charity by a desire to make Caspius play and review selected games.
Trinkets are OUT! Digital fighters are IN!

First Place: A Caspius-completed featured review (at least 1,000 words) of the selected game.

Second Place: A Caspius-hosted podcast devoted entirely to the selected game.

Third Place: A Caspius-written poem celebrating the selected game.

Last Place: An editorial on the selected game by the donator’s choice of any current staff member, other than Caspius.

Everyone Else: Nothing!

How to Participate
A. Donate $5 to unlock one of the 80 available tournament SLOTs (in red) on the tournament bracket! Once unlocked, anyone may claim the slot, as explained below.

B. Anyone may become a PARTICIPANT and may attempt to claim an open tournament SLOT (once per day per person) by posting a substantial comment that engages with a post or another comment on this website, not including this tournament post. They will be successful if their comment is approved with an ‘Entry awarded!‘ reply from Caspius.

C. In a comment on this post, the PARTICIPANT must select an available Super Smash Bros. Ultimate FIGHTER of their choice to fill an available SLOT, and the GAME of their choice–one per FIGHTER–subject to the exclusions below. Once a FIGHTER and a GAME have been selected, they may not be selected again.

D. Once the PARTICIPANT’S entry has been validated by Caspius, this post will be updated to indicate the selected FIGHTER and GAME.

E. Registration ends when all 80 SLOTS are unlocked and filled. The tournament will then be scheduled to take place, and the streaming schedule will be added to the bottom of this post.

* Recommending the site via social media or viral marketing may also be considered an entry.

No, seriously, the goal here is to have Caspius play and review Final Fantasy VII. Right?
This tournament seeks only a fair and balanced outcome which leaves Caspius playing Final Fantasy VII.

Tournament Format
• Battles will be set to three stock with a fifteen minute timer (used to enforce a result).
• In the event of a tie, play-offs will be held between the tied characters to enforce a result.
• In the qualifying and knock-out rounds, eight characters compete in a single battle with the top four characters proceeding to the next round.
• In the quarter-final and semi-final rounds, four characters compete in a single battle with the top two characters proceeding to the next round.
• The final round takes place between four characters in a single battle, competing for first through fourth place.
• For each non-final round, stages will be chosen at random, items will be on with default load-out and frequency. The final round will be played on Final Destination, items will be off, excepting Smash orbs.

Game Selection
Platforms: Arcade, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, ColecoVision, Famicom Disk System, Intellivision, NeoGeo Pocket, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Nintendo Wii, Odyssey, PC-Engine, PC-FX, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega Saturn, Sega SG-100, Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony Playstation Portable, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx-CD, Vectrex, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color.
Region: Officially released in English.
Publisher: Legitimately published full releases: no self-published, pre-release, knock-off, unofficial, browser, or otherwise incomplete titles.
Availability: In circumstances where availability is a problem (due to scarcity, cost, or compatibility), entrants will be offered the chance to select an alternative game.
Exclusions: No MMOs, no games requiring a subscription or monetary transactions, no digital exclusives for non-current systems, and no non-game ‘entertainment software’ (i.e. there must be valid victory/defeat conditions, rules, possibility of failure, etc.). Games with an online component may be rejected. In addition, several games have already received a full Caspius Review and are excluded from selection.


Number of Slots unlocked by Donators

80 of 80!

Thank you to our Summer Donation Drive supporters!
– Imitanis (twice!)
– Fumunshu
– Bup
– SiliconNooB (twice!)
– Lane
– Tanzenmatt (twice!)
– Winter (thrice!)
– DefChaos
– Seb
– Gyme (twice!)

Tournament Entries

Game and Fighter Selection
Banjo and Kazooie – Shadow the Hedgehog (SiliconNooB)
Bayonetta – Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (Billy)
Bowser – Shadow Man (SiliconNooB)
Bowser Jr. – Shadow of Zorro (SiliconNooB)
Captain Falcon – Final Fantasy IX (Ferchu)
Chrom – Shadowgate (SiliconNooB)
Cloud – Final Fantasy VII (Gyme)
Corrin – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Tanzenmatt)
Daisy – Final Fantasy VI (Tanzenmatt)
Dark Pit – Shadow of the Colossus (SiliconNooB)
Dark Samus – Earthbound Beginnings (Fumunshu)
Diddy Kong – Shadow Tower (SiliconNooB)
Donkey Kong – Shadow Hearts 3 (SiliconNooB)
Dr. Mario – Pikmin, New Play Control (Bilious Mouthfarting)
Duck Hunt – Shadow Complex (SiliconNooB)
Falco – Soldier Blade (TanzenMatt)
Fox – Paladin’s Quest (Winter)
Ganondorf – Romancing SaGa 2 (Winter)
Greninja – Thousand Arms (Ferchu)
Hero DQXI – Legend of Dragoon (PubPibs)
Ice Climbers – Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow (SiliconNooB)
Ike – Dragon Quest V (Fumunshu)
Incineroar – Chrono Trigger (Berserk)
Inkling – Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Tanzenmatt)
Isabelle – Hydlide (Winter)
Jigglypuff – The Uncanny X-Men (PubPibs)
Joker – Yakuza Zero (Gyme)
Ken – Killzone: Shadow Fall (SiliconNooB)
King Dedede – Front Mission 4 (Tactics Jack)
King K. Rool – Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice (RabidKitten)
Kirby – Virtual Hydlide (PubPibs)
Link – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Fumunshu)
Little Mac – Chrono Cross (Gyme)
Lucario – Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (Berserk)
Lucas – The Last Blade 2 (Tanzenmatt)
Lucina – Samurai Shodown II (Tanzenmatt)
Luigi – Shadow of Destiny (SiliconNooB)
Mario – Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Billy)
Marth – YIIK: A Postmodern RPG (Fumunshu)
Mega Man – Rogue Galaxy (Tactics Jack)
Meta Knight – Final Fantasy VII Remake (PubPibs)
Mewtwo – The Shadow (PubPibs)
Mii Brawler – Alundra (Billy)
Mii Gunner – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (SiliconNooB)
Mii Swordfighter – Greedfall (Lane)
Mr. Game and Watch – Jack Bros. (Tanzenmatt)
Ness – Xenogears (Gyme)
Olimar – Baldur’s Gate (Winter)
Pac-Man – Ultima Exodus (Tactics Jack)
Palutena – Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PubPibs)
Peach – The 7th Saga (Winter)
Pichu – Shadow Madness (SiliconNooB)
Pikachu – Legend of the Ghost Lion (Winter)
Piranha Plant – The Secret of Monkey Island (Seb)
Pit – Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (Tactics Jack)
Pokemon Trainer – Final Fantasy Tactics (Ferchu)
Richter – Golden Axe: Beast Rider (PubPibs)
Ridley – Shadow Master (PubPibs)
R.O.B. – Dragon Quest IV (Tanzenmatt)
Robin – Tecmo’s Deception (Tactics Jack)
Rosalina and Luma – E.V.O.: Search for Eden (Tanzenmatt)
Roy – Castlevania 64 (PubPibs)
Ryu – Romancing SaGa 3 (Winter)
Samus – Azure Dreams (Tactics Jack)
Sheik – The Ninja (Tanzenmatt)
Shulk – Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Tactics Jack)
Simon – Shadow Dancer (Lane)
Snake – Suikoden III (Tactics Jack)
Sonic – Shadowrun [GEN] (Tactics Jack)
Terry – Metal Slug 3 (Tanzenmatt)
Toon Link – Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (Tanzenmatt)
Villager – Metroid: Other M (Tanzenmatt)
Wario – Legacy of the Wizard (Tactics Jack)
Wii Fit Trainer – Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (SiliconNooB)
Wolf – Xenosaga (Tactics Jack)
Yoshi – Unlimited SaGa (Winter)
Young Link – Indivisible (That Man)
Zelda – Illusion of Gaia (TanzenMatt)
Zero Suit Samus – Mega Man Legends (Imitanis)
Unknown DLC Character (Samus) – Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (PubPibs)

*Note: In the event that a selected DLC Character is not available by a date suitable for the tournament, the participant will be offered the option of a ‘reserve’ selection of another character.

[Click Here for the Tournament Bracket]

Tournament broadcasts are recorded live on the podcast.
Tune in to listen to the battles and hear descriptive audio commentary!


  1. We’re up and running!

    As promised, existing Patreon supporters get their monthly donations counted twice: for both June (at the start of the drive) and July (around the 8th of that month, if still current). Note that new Patreon supporters will only be counted if they sign up before 1 July.

    Thanks to our two existing Patreon supporters, and our FIRST donator–Bup–we’ve already unlocked FOUR slots on the first day. We have thirty days to go, and our target is 80 slots (the total number of SSBU fighters).

    Note that we’ve gone back to the original equivalent of $5 fighter slots (2011 style), instead of $10 (2017 style). I think it is more fun for people if there are more, not fewer, games and fighters on the tournament table. And, the new list of ‘approved systems’ for game selection is much larger than it was before, so we wanted to have room for lots and lots of games.

    So, thank you for your donations in advance, and let’s get ready to Smash!

  2. This should be the greatest Smash tournament we’ve hosted. I’ll drop another donation in once I get my overtime pay at the end of the month.

  3. It could be—the number of potential games on the list is UNLIMITED.

  4. BOTH would be acceptable selections. Horrible, but acceptable.

  5. Lane, we’re going to have to put a plaque on the main page at this point. Or rebrand to TheLaneTonight.

  6. @Caspius: Is there a way to make Lane’s comment box three times bigger than everyone else’s?

  7. Usually we just make my comments bigger than everyone else by neglecting to enforce word limits.

  8. This is true. Some of Lane’s posts are the longest we have!

  9. The donation drive ends in only TEN days and we are only a THIRD of the way to our target!

    If you haven’t done so yet, please consider donating and help us to make this year’s Smash Bros. tournament something TRULY gigantic!

  10. @Winter: It is indeed an option. :/

    @PubPibs: Superman 64 was a finalist last year or the year before. I almost completed the game in a single sitting on stream.

    As we enter the final week of the donation drive, we are almost HALF WAY to our target.

    Check out this week’s podcast for a special appeal, and please consider making a pledge before 15 July. Thank you! :)

  11. We are now HALF WAY to our goal with just a few days left! Donate this week to help us get to our goal!

  12. THREE DAYS LEFT! Get your donations in! Unlock those slots for our competitors!

  13. We’re into our last day and at 66 slots unlocked, we are 14 slots away from unlocking the entire Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. CAN WE DO IT!?

    (yes we can?)

    Donate now!

  14. So Caspius, I think that the reason is because ,unlike some years, some fans have confusion on what to do compared to previous years. They are used to give you $5 an entry, state the fighter or fighters they want then announce the torture for their enjoyment. This year, they need to jump through new loops just to get an entry in the running. My choice player would be Kirby with the game Super Hydelide on the Sega Saturn or a backup game of Aquaman on the N64. Hopefully I hit the one hundred word mark by now.

  15. 98 words!

    I feel like we have been banging on about it a lot. The rules are posted above and I think they are pretty clear. I’ve explained them on the podcast no end! Maybe people don’t want to enter!?

  16. If people find the new rules give them too many options, I can simplify things and say, “Post a substantial comment every day for an entry.” (I’ll still accept links to social media posts recommending the site as ‘substantial’ though.)

    What do you think, readers? I’ll make a decision by mid-week!

  17. For my comment the other day: LucinaSamurai Shodown II. You don’t have Neo Geo AVS/MVS on that list (I guess it’s not Swedish enough), but it’s also on Switch and PS4.

    I think “substantial comment” minus the 100 word limit is enough. You still have the final say on what counts.

  18. @Tanzenmatt: Rules updated accordingly. Donations are still open until we reach our 80-slot target, but 65 of those 67 already-unlocked slots are now available for selection–all you have to do is post a substantial COMMENT (on some other post)!

  19. Found you a Mario maker level to quench your thirst Caspius. YXL-D4C-TQF

  20. @PubPibs: Virtual Hydlide is on the Saturn; Super Hydlide is on the Genesis. Which one of those did you mean?

  21. @PubPubs: No worries, I’ve made the correction on the roster and tournament bracket.

  22. I might as well ask this anyway. Can staff such as yourself post long comments and choose a game to be played for this summer of smash? If so, why haven’t they submitted something yet? I mean Dancing Matt could submit a visual novel game while Immatanus could choose an Atari 2600 game or even Silicon Noob might choose Rapper game for you to play. This time I go with Super Hydelide and Jigglypuff. That way it shows that I have the balls to choose a game series that sucks and blows while putting you to sleep.

  23. @PubPibs: Posting comments here about the contest does not count as an entry. The rules (Rule C, in this case) do explicitly state that fact. Comments must be on another post, and must engage with the content of that post or with another reader comment.

    And yes, the contest is open to staff, but they want to give readers a shot at the first few slots.

  24. Entry awarded to Winter for recommending and tagging the podcast/site on Twitter!

  25. Pub Pibs, what is a Rapper game? Like 50 Cent: Bulletproof?

  26. I was thinking he was referring to Parappa the Rapper, myself–but SN recommending Tapper makes a lot more sense!

  27. Whoops didn’t realise I should choose already. It says thrice. Is that three fighters and one game or three fighters/three games?

  28. Well no matter what it is my first choice is Yoshi and Unlimited SaGa
    Bet you want this one to win Caspius :P

  29. @Winter: That’s the list of donators you are reading. Your entry slot is on the tournament bracket at the bottom of the post. You have one entry so far, so I’ll key it in today!

    Updated: you got another entry for your podcast comment, so now you get another selection!

  30. Lol sorry I’m reading on the small phone. So another entry = 1 more game and 1 more char

  31. @SN: In point of fact, NO. I enjoy games that, incidentally, he translated (and not always well), but I do not enjoy games just because he was involved.

  32. Aww. Go team Cruel. I’m going to choose some LJN titles for the NES and even maybe Baijou Billy

  33. Hmm… so it seems mostly terrible games are the theme again. If that’s the case, I believe I have no choice—

    Marth- YIIK: A Post Modern RPG


  34. @Fumunshu: To obtain an entry you must post a substantial comment on some other post replying to that post (or another comment). Only then will your entry be validated! See Rule B for details.

  35. TOURNAMENT BRACKET A IS FILLED! On to Tournament Bracket B!

  36. Reminder: Tanzenmatt, Lane, and Gyme all have outstanding entries.

  37. Yeah….you might want to hold off on the praise. Still a ton of slots open….

  38. For my entry from 7/22: InklingGarou Mark Of The Wolves

  39. Don’t worry about it – I’ve never had a Smash fighter place for a prize! But to answer your question, it’s a genre that has never been represented in these tournaments before… well, except for Shaq Fu.

  40. How the devil am I going to review a fighting game!? Bwargh!

  41. You won’t have to, because they won’t win, but you choose a character and play through each opponent until beating the final boss and rolling the credits, and you can lower the difficulty if need be. Then, you discuss the games merits like graphics, music, and mechanics. Since they won’t win though, you’ll have to play through all of Shadow Madness or Virtual Hydlide instead.

  42. @Tanzenmatt: Enough of your word salad and your impossible tasks! Everyone knows that fighting games, like racing games, are impossible to review!

  43. Not really. Once through the single player. Play a couple of online matches. Then put your main focus on assessing the game’s features to determine whether it has all the VS mode features that people expect from fighting games. Do a paragraph on mechanics, a paragraph on features, then a paragraph on presentation. Not a terribly exciting review, but it’s hardly impossible.

  44. Does that mean Ehrgeiz story mode would be pushing it to you? Also SNoob have you played the Golden Axe game on PS3?

  45. @PubPibs I spent an entire stream on Ehrgeiz story mode, once. It was FAR worse than I remembered it.

  46. Marth: YIIK: A post Modern RPG
    Dark Samus: Earthbound Beginnings

  47. Lane, choose your least favorite game and a random character

  48. Another game with ‘shadow’ in the title – RIGHT ON!

  49. SNoob didn’t you like the chance Caspius has to play a Golden Axe game?

  50. Which version of Shadowrun? The Genesis and SNES versions are different games.

  51. By the way, am I able to be credited an entry for commenting on the ESA Doxing Debacle article?

  52. Link- Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Again, sorry Caspius. In a contest with all of these different types of games, I feel like some western rpgs should be represented.

  53. @Tanzenmatt: Yep, sorry! It’s been noted on the thread for that comment.

  54. Pick meaningful games! Don’t pick a bunch of sludge just because of a word they all happen to share in the title! >.<

  55. The shadow thing has helped make this the most reasonable list of games I’ve seen for the summer drive. Most of those games are at least playable, if not even decent.

  56. There’s three great shadow-in- the-titles games on that list
    Shadowrun, Shadowgate, and Shadow of the Colossus

  57. I’ll admit Shadowrun is a touchstone game for me, I’m looking at it with rose-colored glasses.
    Shadowgate is the pinnacle of point and click games
    Shadow of the Colossus pushed the ps2 graphics to its limits, had a unique battle system till Dragons Dogma did it better, it had a compelling story with hardly any spoken words or music to go along with it. The bad parts of it while it looks pretty it gets boring trying find each colossi. I always thought its a 3D Zelda game with out all the Zelda motifs
    That’s why I found it enjoyable enough.

  58. Shadow of the Colossus is tedious in the extreme. That game had loads of fans when it came out, but no one even remembers it anymore largely because it was a graphics showpiece, and those seldom endure.

    Shadowgate, on the other hand, will live forever!

  59. Shadow Dancer is a decent Gensis game. Certainly not great, nor as good as Revenge Of Shinobi or Shinobi III, but better than say Altered Beast. Not really worthy of an in-depth review though. I think FVII, Earthbound Beginnings, and Shadowgate deserve and would be good for the review.

  60. KEEP THOSE COMMENTS COMING! We still have lots of slots to fill!

  61. If you want Terry then we would have to postpone the tournament until November… Then again, it may take that long to get all the slots filled…

  62. @SiliconNooB: You must choose a game which has not already been selected. Womp womp.

  63. You are in luck Caspius! I feel kind today. Pikachu – Legend of the Ghost Lion. Playing now and it’s exellent. Hidden nes gem!

  64. SNoob, there’s always the Shadow on super Nintendo. Based on the movie

  65. Oh, that’s a great point! Licensed games on the SNES were great!

  66. It’s not out yet, but I want to read a review of it, so you know I have to ask. Can I choose Romancing SaGa 3?

  67. Just to follow tradition…Mewtwo and the Shadow. The videogame based on the movie.

  68. Final fantasy 7 :V
    Good thing I realized that I forgot to put the name of the game, and no one told me I forgot such thing.

  69. Are PC games acceptable? Can’t remember seeing it on that list. If so I’ve got one of my favourite games,
    Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn as an entry. Amazing game and with shadow in the name (I never got why this was the plan but I guess I could jump on board with my first entry)

  70. @Berserk: I’m afraid not—in the rules section of the post above there is a list of consoles and exclusions; that should help narrow your choice slightly.

  71. I was thinking putting Star Control 2 on my list since it brought me here 6 years ago, then I checked the list and theres no 3DO on that list. So I remembered there was a open source remake with code released by the game devs. called Ur-Quan Masters for pc/phones and those 2 are not on the list. So I removed it off mine and replaced it with Azure Dreams.

  72. @TacticsJack: How the heck did Star Control 2 bring you here!?

  73. Regarding Berserk’s choice of Baldur’s Gate 2 – it’s being re-released on Switch next month. So it should be okay as an entey.

  74. There is also a PS2 version: but if he wants the PC version, then it is ruled out.

  75. I think it was though the quarter to three.com forums. I don’t really remember what steps I took., but I’m glad I found ya’ll.

    It could also be the talk of remakes or another game. There was some drama about Toys for Bob and Stardock few years back but that’s recent, two years at least. Its a good game shame it doesn’t fit anywhere to be put on the list

  76. @Caspius the Baldurs Gate games on the PS2 are Dark Alliance 1 and 2 and more hack and slash and story light than the original games. Worth checking out Shadows of Amn, the remaster (enhanced edition) is coming out to consoles soon.

  77. Wario-Legacy of the Wizard

    Legacy of the Wizard and Ultima: Exodus music is still memorable 30 years on

  78. Comments are open again ^^ They was closed yesterday. I think I have one more so let’s do more SaGa, I don’t think we did Romancing SaGa 2 yet? Let Ganondorf ride to victory!

  79. Oh alright I put that one up there just too see your reaction. I’ll change it to Tecmo’s Deception
    Not reason to put you though what I’m going thru right now
    8 hours in and still on the dumb ship. Bah


    From what I recall of XS 1, you pretty much don’t leave the ship at all!

  81. Lucario – Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (3DS)

  82. I think I haw one I haven’t submitted yet. Enough of tbe niceties, let’s do 7th Saga – Peach, go for it!

  83. Then pick a character for me, as (sadly) I don’t know who there is.

  84. @Lane: You’ve been assigned Mii Swordfighter. The list of characters in the post above shows all of the unselected characters in bold (they also don’t have games after them).


  85. Unknown DLC character Double Dragon V: the Shadow Falls. A videogame based on a cartoon based on a videogame.

  86. Bowser Jr – Shadow of Zorro – PS2

    Diddy Kong – Shadow Tower – PS1

    Ice Climbers – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – PC or Mac

  87. @SiliconNooB: PC/Mac are not valid platforms. Please consult the list in the post!

  88. Ice Climbers – Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow – PS2 or PSP

  89. I feel a special kind of contempt when I open a Wiki page and see their snivelling panhandling yet again!

    Like, I mean, if you didn’t turn away everyone who isn’t a socialist then you might not have to beg for crumbs…

  90. The fact that I believe Star Control 2 for 3DO would not be considered for review leaves me no choice. Terrible 90s FMV games, maybe? Probably not. I’m really curious about how you would feel about Indivisible for Steam.

    I guess Indivisible will do.

    Young Link: Indivisible (Steam PC)

    Also, after playing Fire Emblem Three Houses, I’ve been noticing the frame rate problems and long load times. If the Nintendo Switch Pro is ever released, what would bring you to purchase it? Better resolution? Better frame rate? Better Battery (I think we already have this revision available)? Does it even need a pro version?

    (Remember that the New 3DS / DSi, had a couple of games that ever used the added power, so Nintendo isn’t great on supporting these types of refreshes.)

  91. @ThatMan: As I just reminded SN, PC isn’t a valid platform. Sorry.

    In addition: 1 entry per day, and it is for posts on the podcast/news. AFTER you get the ‘entry awarded’ notice, this post is where you make your selection.

  92. Far enough. After much thought, my one entry will be:

    Young Link – Indivisible (Sony PlayStation 4)

    I’ll have to wait and hopefully someone meets the Shadow requirement with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS)

  93. @ThatMan: We do have Fire Emblem – Shadow Dragon (DS)!

  94. King Dedede – Front Mission 4
    SE really needs to rerelease the other Front Mission games.
    I played the fan translation of FM1 few months ago and I thought it was pretty good

  95. @Tanzenmatt: Fire Emblem would be a good choice, but life needs a bit of flavor, otherwise I feel that Shadow the Hedgehog for PS2 would be every entry. But why not Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS)?

  96. Mii Brawler – Alundra (Also known as the best 2D Zelda game)


    Now waiting on outstanding claims: Seb, Winter, SiliconNooB, Tactics Jack, and Fumunshu!

  98. Thanks, Fumunshu! Now waiting on Seb, Winter, SiliconNooB, and Tactics Jack!

  99. Going back to where my love for RPGs began

    Pac-Man – Ultima Exodus

  100. Still waiting on Seb, Winter, and SiliconNooB.

    Any entries not received by the recording time of the podcast (mid-day on Saturday) will be randomly assigned from a list of my FAVOURITE GAMES. :)

  101. Should be – Baldur’s Gate has just been released to Switch.

  102. The “Piranha Plant” appears to be available, and of course is the odds-on favorite to win it all. Why didn’t anyone select it?? Well, someone has to win, I suppose. I shall take on that responsibility. For a game I wanted to pick something obscure and grotesque, but why subject everyone involved to needless pain when I inevitably win? Instead I choose the classic _original_ version of “The Secret of Monkey Island”, and since I don’t see MS-DOS as an acceptable platform I guess I must fall back on Sega CD.

  103. That just leaves SiliconNooB, who will lose his entry in about 23 hours.

  104. @Seb: PS3 has a version of Secret Of Monkey Island too, which you can toggle to the original. The Sega CD version must be needlessly cruel, and therefore fitting.

  105. SN lost his entry, but we collaborated and split the difference between my choice (Castlevania) and his choice (anything with the word ‘Shadow’ in the title) to get Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


    Each of you has selected a character who will not be ready in time for use in the tournament (Terry Bogard and Unknown DLC Character).

    Please select ANY OTHER OF THE 78 AVAILABLE CHARACTERS. That character will replace the character who is not available for the tournament. The replacement character will use an alternate skin for the tournament to keep it distinct from anyone else’s ‘original’ selection of that character.

    Please make your alternate selection as soon as possible. Thank you!

  107. Dragon Quest Hero – which would work remarkably well for this purpose.

  108. @Ferchu: We discovered today that your selection of FINAL FANTASY VII for Greninja (on 28 September) was INVALID. That game was already picked by Gyme to represent Cloud on 28 July on the comment/post linked here.

    Because your character has already progressed in the tournament, you must now choose a similar replacement game (i.e. a PS1 JRPG). You have one week to select a similar available replacement game, or another similar game will be chosen for you. Thank you!

  109. well….. symphony of the night sounds like a great substitute

  110. It has to be a like-for-like substitute, so it will need to be a PS1 JRPG. Sorry!

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