TSM Episode 559: SiliconNooB’s Thingy

Not pictured: SiliconNooB's 'thingy'.
SiliconNooB engaged in pre-podcast preparations.

Download Link: Released 2019.11.11

SiliconNooB makes merry, and then some, before joining Akademician in a considerable state of inebriation. The news is examined in due course, followed by the knock-out round of the Smash Bros. Tournament, without any sign of SiliconNooB’s unnamed ‘thingy’.


  1. This time on The Day Tonight : Hideo Kojima responsible for Caspius dying and SiliconNooB teasing a thingy..

    Almost died myself, but not to worry! I survived and am alive to continue this playthrough even though the hosts are dead from laughing xD

  2. You’ve got to wonder where the controller plugs into his Thingy, and does it hurt? SNoob sounded only slightly sober this time around. Maybe he should be that way for all the podcasts from now on.

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