TSM Episode 561: A Farewell to Hope

Hope has forsaken these lands . . .
Crushed. Literally.

Download Link: Released 2019.11.25

As the site enters week three of the ‘Autumn SaGa’ Romancing SaGa 3 playthrough, the semi-final of the Smash Bros. Tournament sees the initial field of eighty contenders reduced to a mere four, with catastrophic results for Akademician’ few remaining hopes.


  1. Listen we should play SaGa Frontier! It’s possible to penetrate! Actually isn’t that bad when you know a few things. You can make it very manageable by knowing a few tricks. I admittedly got a lot of help by someone who really understands the SaGa mechanics. He research A LOT. I ended up beating all scenarios this summer and was completely hooked. It’s a ton of fun too!!!

  2. Good one. Except it would have to be play whatever version you want I think. Why change what is already glorious pixels? I’m probably not buying the remake because it doesn’t need a remake. I wish they only did remasters when the games are actually great anyways. Ironically the less popular games get the best treatment. Or I guess FFVIII is popular, but not as much as FFVII and that gets a remake :/

  3. I put 471 hours into Tactics Ogre(PSP) and 100% it and I still want more. I don’t want to play it on the PSP/Vita again though. Vagrant Story would be cool with a remake too I think.

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