TSM Episode 562: Lucky Five-Six-Two

He really has let himself go, hasn't he?
Ethos, enjoying some Pokemon Sword.

Download Link: Released 2019.12.02

For the Smash Bros. Tournament final round, Akademician is joined by Ethos for a wide-ranging discussion of video games, personal relationship advice, and numerological evaluation of Polish literature. Tune in for the gripping tournament conclusion!


  1. Hey Ethan! How’s Lusipurr’s Fountain Of Perpetual Disappointment coming along?

  2. I can’t believe, after participating in all of these tournaments all these years, I never had a fighter/game get top 3 or bottom 1. How absurd.

  3. I had that same thought about Lusipurr’s Fountain Of Perpetual Disappointment last week. Is it cancelled? I’ll play it if it’s made.

  4. The only game reviewed is first place. Here are the prices copied from the post:

    First Place: A Caspius-completed featured review (at least 1,000 words) of the selected game.

    Second Place: A Caspius-hosted podcast devoted entirely to the selected game.

    Third Place: A Caspius-written poem celebrating the selected game.

    Last Place: An editorial on the selected game by the donator’s choice of any current staff member, other than Caspius.

    Everyone Else: Nothing!

    Second and third place do not get a review of any sort. The review is for the winner – that’s what makes being the winner so valuable. (And I don’t have time to play and review multiple games, anyway.)

    There will be a Hydlide themed podcast, and the third-place game will get a “celebratory” poem. Neither of those require me to play and review the associated game: that is not an oversight, it is by design for the reasons given above.

  5. Well you know it’s going to reappear on a later tournament stalking you like it’s prey.

  6. lfopd was never cancelled. it is to me as that thing your mother said to you once that you can’t get out of your head but that you can also never remember properly. lucky number lfopd. rah rah rah.


  7. Vivaldi is very good. I don’t know if I would suggest that he is life, but I can certainly see where you’re coming from, and I can appreciate your strong position on the topic.

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