News: A Week of Announcements

The Week’s Game Releases

The TDT playthrough of Romancing Saga 3 has barely come to a close, and already another another Saga title is on our plate, with this week’s release of Saga Scarlet Grace: Ambitions for Switch, PS4, and PC. The Saga series is no longer what it once was, and this game is very clearly a conversion of a mobile phone game, so not really falling all that much anticipation for the game. The premise does not sound all that fresh either:

The Firebringer, a fallen god and bane of humanity, has wrought havoc on the world since his exile. Mankind constructed an Empire with a singular purpose: engage the Firebringer and his fiends in battle to defend humanity. After a millennia of fighting, the Firebringer has finally been defeated, and the Empire is left without purpose, spurring rebellion. Amid the chaos, four adventurers set out on journeys that will change them and the world.

I might sit this one out.
Our Romancing Saga 3 playthrough has scarcely finished, but already we have another Saga release on our hands.

Even is one is keen to pick up the game, it might still pay to wait a couple of months to see whether Square Enix is going to announce a physical version for the Asian market.

Square Enix has been busy this week though, and we must also announce Star Ocean First Departure R, which is being billed as a HD port, but really stretches that concept to breaking point. The game has certainly been scaled to the appropriate resolution to fit HD screens, and battle scene backgrounds contain some 3D elements which are being presented in HD, but the game is essentially composed of 2D sprites over pre-rendered backgrounds made to PSP spec. Not the sharpest of visual presentations, though probably a more pleasing experience than playing the game through your PSP video out mode. The game is available right now for Switch and PS4 owners, but, much like with Saga Scarlet Grace, it may pay to hold off buying it for a couple of months in order to wait and see whether Asia gets a physical version.

The Week’s Game Announcements

Nihon Falcom’s Trails of Cold Steel III saw its release scarcely a month ago on the PS4, but it seems that Switch owners are in for an unlikely treat. Some series fans had been upset that Trails of Cold Steel III would be the first instalment of the series to miss the portable Vita platform, but now it seems that they will have access to the game on another portable platform in very short order. Trails of Cold Steel III will be releasing on Switch in Spring of 2020. Interestingly, this date is for the Western release, with the Japanese release to come at some unspecified time later. Japan is a nation of handheld gamers, and the Switch is doing fabulously well over there, so one would have thought that the Japanese release would be given top priority.

Ports of the first two games probably aren’t too far behind.
Trails of Cold Steel III is headed to Nintendo Switch!

In other big JRPG news Persona 5 Royal has been given a Western release date of March 31st. The game will feature all of Persona 5’s DLC, along with numerous very substantial game fixes. Perhaps this release should have itself been DLC, but as a physical media fancier one is happy to get it on a disc. It is interesting to note that Persona 5 Royal along with the Fairy Tail JRPG from Gust have both decided to release in the same month as Final Fantasy VII Remake, and thereby have thrown a gauntlet of sorts. Back in the heyday of Final Fantasy other JRPGs would have avoided a Final Fantasy release date as though it were the plague, but these days Final Fantasy is barely even an RPG anymore, and so it really does not matter what month a well put together turn-based RPG releases in, since they are more than likely to compare favourably to the latest Final Fantasy instalment.

Finally, the existence of Xbone (and very probably PS4) ports of Vanquish and Bayonetta have been leaked via a Microsoft store listing. It is kind of funny to see Bayonetta heading over to the PS4 and Xbone, when it has largely been viewed as a Nintendo series for almost a decade. Either way, more people will now get to enjoy two very well received Platinum releases from last generation, so that is no bad thing. It appears that the games will probably be available both separately and as a bundle on February 18 2020.

Nintendo Finally Releases More Classic Games

Finally subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online have been given a handful of new games. One feels like TDT may have predicted this on a podcast, but could not be entirely sure. Of this handful of games, Earthbound certainly was not among them. One feels like we may have predicted this too. Instead we have four SNES titles: Super Punch Out, Kirby Super Star, Star Fox 2, and Breath of Fire II; and two NES titles: Crystalis and Journey to Silius. This is not a terrible selection, all things considered, but giving us Breath of Fire II, busted localisation and all, when we could have had Earthbound, is a little hard to swallow. But a decent selection nonetheless.

... But no controller to play them with.
More SNES games…

If you were planning on playing this good selection of games with an official SNES controller, then one hopes that you have already procured one, else be prepared to wait a spell. Apparently the SNES controllers created exclusively for the use of Nintendo Online subscribers have all sold out, and are not set to be restocked until January 2020. Like, a normal company would have made sure to have have enough product in stock before they launched their service, but then Nintendo is not normal, and so they did not have the controllers ready until some months after the debut of SNES games on the service, and of course, being Nintendo, they did not produce enough controllers to satisfy demand, so they all sold out in a hot minute, and now will not be restocked for another couple of month. It is a pretty sloppy operation that Nintendo runs.


  1. Finally subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online have been given a handful of new games. One feels like TDT may have predicted this on a podcast, but could not be entirely sure. Of this handful of games, Earthbound certainly was not among them. One feels like we may have predicted this too.


    New games just ahead of the Christmas season to encourage new Switch owners to buy into Switch Online.

    And of course, no Earthbound, because NINTENDO HATES JOY! (cue “it’s just scheduling” from the shrill Nintendonlies).

  2. I’m happy that Crystalis was put on Switch online – it was one of my favorite NES games since way back when. Although, I do already have it via the SNK Arcade Collection!

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