TSM Episode 569: Potential Playthrough Poll Podcast

Goku! Naruto! Ella from Frozen! The Djinni from Aladdin! Neo from the Matrix! Professor Dumbledore! Gimli, son of Gloin! James Bond! Hamlet! Caractacus! Jesus Christ! Hannibal Lecter! Flo from the Progressive Commercials! Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton Echo Fighter! And, last but not least, Florence Nightingale!

Download Link: Released 2020.01.20

Akademician and SiliconNooB take a break from their week-long celebration of the Final Fantasy VII Remake delay to present the news (and delays) of the week, along with some in-depth analysis of Sony and Microsoft’s potential hardware plans for 2020.


  1. Yes!!! It’s a brilliant idea honestly! As a slower player and also one that doesn’t enjoy playing only one game at a time (exception SaGa of course), it’s really tough completing these playthroughs in time. Even the «short» games like Mega Man etc is very frustrating due to not great reaction and coordination so cramming them into just a short time might be tough too.

    So yes I really think it’s a great idea! You already listed all of the positives of course!

    As for what I would be interested participating in: As a player of the huge list of console rpg from nes and up to ps2 gen any of those I will probably join in.

    Other than that it’s rpgs mainly and handheld is almost sure I will play it. Apart from that it’s more mood, wallet and interest ^^

    As for some games in particular:

    Any snes rpg really.
    Dragon Quest I-III

    Hope you end up doing 4 a year, one for each season. I think that’s the perfect amount.

  2. @Winter: Thanks for the input! It actually does help and we will take it into consideration as we plan for our next playthrough (due to start at the beginning of April).

  3. Caspius, cat fancy’s backtrack is going to be doing a Mother/ Chrono series backtrack episode in the near future. Us there a chance you’ll sneak over there and be a mysterious guest on that episode? As for the next play through, what about the fountain of perpetual disappointment? If it isn’t finished soon, what about the year of the Dragon Quests.

  4. I’m definitely positive on extended-time playthroughs. I don’t think I’ve ever followed through with one completely, partly because I’m usually spending my time on something else, but also partly because I fall behind schedule right away and get turned off by that. I feel like 8-to-10 week playthroughs would be good, giving a couple weeks in between to get excited for the next one.

    Obviously JRPGs reign supreme in these, and would also vastly benefit from the extended time, but I like the idea also of doing the classic, mainline Mega Man or Castlevania games over a period. I totally agree with Winter on Dragon Quest, and would at least add IV to it. As I’ve mentioned before, Earthbound isn’t getting any easier to play as time goes on, and should have a playthrough sooner rather than later.

    I’d also suggest a Fire Emblem game – partly because they are fantastic (and I’m 100% with SN on how wonderful Three Houses is), but also because it’s not a series which Caspius is familiar with, even though the type of game is up his alley. Either Mystery Of The Emblem (available as “Swedish” translated NES or SNES versions or on the DS as Shadow Dragon) because it’s the, Awakening because it’s the one most people are likely to own and the biggest pivot-point for the series, or Three Houses both because it’s the newest and very likely for people to own and because it has New Game + and multiple storylines for those who’ve completed it at least partly.

  5. @PubPibs: If invited, I certainly would be there. However, I doubt they will invite me!

    @Tanzenmatt: Input gratefully received. Stay tuned for details!

  6. I’m definitely keen on the idea of more playthroughs. I’ve always wanted to participate more when you did them in the past but was only able to recently with the Romancing SaGa 3 one. I’m very slow when it comes to games, so either 2x 3 month playthroughs and some time off or 4 quarterly playthroughs would be good. I wouldn’t want you to devote too much of the site’s focus to them. People might get burnt out with always having to buy and focus on the games on selection. But overall it is a really cool idea, like a book club or something. Not that I’ve ever been (cool enough to be) in one.

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