TSM Episode 571: Hydlidecast

This is the only Hydlide game screen. There are no other game screens.
The Hydlide Game Screen

Download Link: Released 2020.02.03

Akademician, Imitanis, SiliconNooB, and Durga run through the news of the day, announce the upcoming Spring Playthrough title, and then devote themselves to a discussion of all things Hydlide, including a Durga-led recap of his own full Hydlide playthrough.


  1. Didn’t Blizzard lay off a ton of their customer service staff? And likely the most experienced/highest paid ones too. SN’s story about the Australian refund incident reminds of an inexperienced CS worker making up excuses from the seat of their pants because they really have no idea of the reasoning behind their policies, except for what they’re told not to do.

  2. Gotta love when Hydlide is compared to Dark Souls xD

    Beat it last year as a part of playing through old console rpgs. It was .. interesting xD

  3. @Tanzenmatt: I smell a class action suit!

    @Winter: Dark Souls is actually a good game. Hydlide is just garbage!

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