TSM Episode 572: Return to Fire Emblem

There, SiliconNooB. Are you happy? Are you happy now!?
Fire Emblem is very much in the ascendancy.

Download Link: Released 2020.02.10

Akademician, Durga, and SiliconNooB discuss Microsoft’s pivot to mediocrity and plans to compete with Google Stadia and the Apple iOS store instead of Sony and Nintendo, before moving on to discuss Fire Emblem as a successor to beloved, dead JRPG franchises.


  1. I’m glad you’re giving Fire Emblem another shot. I’ve certainly enjoyed the past few games I’ve played. Please keep us updated with your thoughts on the series!

  2. Maybe you should have Silicon Noob try the ps2 Bard’s Tale game. In it is the Australian anthem. The Beer Song.

  3. I just noticed this item I got in Three Houses – Bow of Zoltan, “a bow forged by the legendary artist Zoltan.” I want to believe that’s more than a coincidence.

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